Dance, B.A.



Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements
Dance Major

The dance major involves students in creative inquiry, embodied, inventive collaboration, and skillful expression of ideas in order to prepare them for lives of leadership, service, and excellence in the arts, culture, and business of the future. Each student in the dance major explores performance, training, design, technology, and research in a multifaceted liberal arts context in order to develop individual identities as artists and the abilities to work collaboratively in a diverse workplace. The degree provides an excellent broad-based foundation for work in the arts or entertainment professions or for further training at graduate schools or conservatories. The program’s liberal arts emphasis prepares graduates for a variety of occupations in multiple performance fields, as well as non-performance fields.

Dance Major

1. Major requirements (54 units)
DRAMA 33, 34 (6 units)
DANCE 20, 70, 159, 160S, 164, 166, 170, 171, 175 (26 units)
Production: DANCE 115, 163 (8 units)
DANCE 117A, B, C, or D (7 units)
DANCE 158A, B, C, or D (7 units)

2. General Education requirements (49 units)*

3. Other requirements (6 units)
Upper-division writing and Multicultural and International (MI)

4. Sufficient elective units to meet required total units (varies)
(See Degree Requirements), may be used toward a double major or minor

5. Total units (120)**

*This total indicates that a maximum of one course (3 units) in General Education Breadth also may be applied to the dance option. This course is DANCE 70 in G.E. Breadth E1. Consult the department chair or faculty adviser for additional details.


Advising Notes

  1. Special requirements: Students seeking the B.A. in Dance are required to have competency in either DANCE 117 (Modern) or DANCE 158 (Ballet) for graduation.
  2. A maximum of 14 units of dance technique courses (DANCE 117, 155, 158) may be credited toward the minimum B.A. graduation requirement of 120 units.
  3. CR/NC grading is not permitted in the dance major.
  4. The upper-division writing requirement can be met by taking the UDWE (upper-division writing exam) or taking a writing course.


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B.A. in Dance

A Roadmap identifies the specific set of courses students must complete in their major in sequential order. Information on corequisites or prerequisites is listed along with other pertinent information to assist students in completing courses towards the major.

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Theatre Arts

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The Theatre Arts faculty includes performers, designers, and directors with top academic credentials as well as professional experience. The department is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre. Organizations such as the Kennedy Center/American College Theater Festival and the American College Dance Association have honored numerous Fresno State Students.

Successful completion of the B.A. in Dance will allow the student to apply for positions in performing arts companies, colleges and professional schools as dancers, choreographers and dance technicians. It will provide a seamless transition to graduate programs in dance performance and education as well as K-12 credential programs. Other professional uses include being an independent artist in dance or related disciplines, producing dance events and promoting the performing arts or similar events.  Moreover, graduates of this program will also be competitive in associated fields.

Examples of professions that dance majors undertake are listed below.

What You Can Do

  • Professional Dancer
  • Dance Teacher
  • Choreographer
  • Community Dance Worker
  • Dance Therapist
  • Arts Management
  • Dance Notator
  • Graduate School Options