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Degrees and Programs Offered

CRED in Single Subject Credential - Social Science
MN in Jewish Studies, Minor


Social Sciences Interdiscip

JS 10. Jewish Civilization

An overview of Jewish civilization from ancient to modern times that focuses on specific themes, events, and ideas that have shaped global developments in Jewish history, culture, and society within both Jewish community and minority status contexts. GE Breadth: D3

Units: 3
GE Area: D3

JS 100W. Writing and the Jewish Experience

Prerequisite: English Composition (ENGL 5A/B or 10) with a "C" grade or higher. Survey of the Jewish American experience. Emphasis on research methods, evaluation of evidence, and writing mechanics and exposition. Meets the upper-division writing skills requirement for graduation.

Units: 3
Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

JS 154. Jewish American Popular Culture

Prerequisite: GE Breadth Area D. Study of Jewish immigrants and subsequent Jewish American contributions to entertainment and other forms of popular culture from New York to Hollywood, particularly in film, music, and comedy. GE Integration: ID

Units: 3
GE Area: ID

SSCI 16. Introduction to Global Studies

Introduction to a range of topics to enhance literacy for global awareness. Includes an interdisciplinary approach, concentration on human diversity, and attention to historic, political, legal, economic, sociological, anthropological, and geographic issues. Fulfillls lower division requirement for Global Awareness Certificates.

Units: 3

SSCI 110. California Studies

Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth Area D. Origins and development of California as a unique cultural area; relationships over time among geography and natural resources, human populations and cultures, political institutions, economic pursuits, and land use practices; distinctive architecture, arts, and literature; and socio-economic patterns, processes, and trends. G.E. Integration ID.

Units: 3
Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring
GE Area: ID

SSCI 150T. Topics in the Social Sciences

Discussion and analysis of current topics in the social sciences with an interdisciplinary focus and structure. Topics will be rotated.

Units: 1-3
Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

SSCI 150T. Middle Eastern Minorities: Diversity in Islamic Societies

What is the "Muslim Word," and why do we call it that? What role do religious and ethnic minorities play in shaping Middle Eastern societies? This course explores modern Middle Eastern history through the lens of diversity. It illustrates multi confessional, multi ethnic societies from the Ottoman Empire to the present and queries the role of minority politics in shaping them.

Units: 3

SSCI 150T. Social Science Honors Symposium

This "Research Series" would meet once per week during the semester and feature various COSS faculty who would share their insights and experiences with research (students would also be able to use a portion of the class time to share their own research agendas and pursuits and get feedback from others).

Units: 3, Repeatable up to 9 units

SSCI 180. Diversity in the U.S.

Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth Area D. Interdisciplinary course designed for the four-year liberal studies major. Integrates historical, sociological, political, cultural, and ethnic aspects of American culture. Historical developments and immigration patterns, race, class, gender issues, and demographic and statistical analysis of local and regional education trends. G.E. Multicultural/International MI.

Units: 3
Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring
GE Area: M/I

SSCI 185. Internship

Prerequisite: upper-division or graduate standing; permission of instructor. Supervised work experience in the applied aspects of the social science disciplines. Hours to be arranged. CR/NC grading only.

Units: 1-6
Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring


Jewish Studies Minor Requirements

The Jewish Studies Program encourages Fresno State students from all backgrounds to study the many dimensions of Jewish heritage and its contemporary contexts. Course offerings explore the diverse experiences, contributions, and challenges of the Jewish people, from ancient to modern times in Israel, and across the global locations of the Jewish diaspora, including the wider Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and the Americas. A focus on the vibrant traditions and practices of Jewish people – who are themselves a diverse, transnational, multi-cultural group – heightens sensitivity to minority perspectives, encourages interdisciplinary thinking, and sheds light on the impact of cross-cultural contact and exchanges. The Jewish Studies Program thus provides information, concepts, and approaches that can aid understanding about a range of comparative ethnic and religious minority identities. The program also raises awareness about the local Jewish community’s presence amidst the wonderful diversity of California’s San Joaquin Valley.

The Minor in Jewish Studies augments students’ major coursework and prepares students for graduate education, especially in history, Jewish Studies, international relations, religious studies, and philosophy, as well as professional training and careers in teaching, law, public sector administration, service and advocacy, foreign service and diplomacy, museums, religious organizations, business, human resources, and creative fields.

Students earn a Minor in Jewish Studies from the College of Social Sciences by taking courses in Jewish history, religion, culture, politics and/or Hebrew language and completing all courses with a grade of C or better. The minor requires a total of 15 units from at least two disciplines, with a minimum of one lower-division course (3 units) and two upper division courses (6 units). The remaining courses (6 units) may be selected from any lower- or upper-division electives.

Lower-Division (3 units)
Select from: HEBR 1A, 1B or JS 10

Upper-Division (6 units)
Select from: COMS 101 (or approved internship course), ENGL 116; HIST 103, 107, 115, 140, 186; JS 100W; HIST 154/JS 154; HIST 181; MCJ 177T; PAX 100; PHIL 131, 134, 158; SOC 169; or relevant topics courses (approved by the program coordinator)

Electives (6 units)
Any lower- or upper-division courses

Total (15 units)

Jewish Studies Program
College of Social Sciences
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