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Sylvia Miller, Chair
McLane Hall, Room 190

The Master's of Nursing program is not accepting new students in Fall 2019

Degrees and Programs Offered

BS in Nursing, B.S.N.
BS in Nursing - R.N.-B.S.N.
BS in Nursing, R.N.-B.S.N. - Continuing & Global Education
CRED in Health Services, Credential
DNP in Nursing, D.N.P.
MS in Nursing - Nurse Practitioner / Primary Care / Family, M.S.
PREB in Pre-Nursing

Courses Offered

The mission of the School of Nursing is to offer quality nursing education to undergraduate and graduate nursing students. This education prepares nurses to make clinical decisions based on theory and research. As life-long learners, graduates are prepared to deliver quality health care for increasingly diverse populations. Graduates will lead, supervise, delegate, manage, and evaluate care outcomes, as well as demonstrate the ability to act as consumer advocates in promoting wellness and facilitating change.

The scope of nursing practice is changing significantly. The professional nurse uses theory and research-based knowledge to provide direct and indirect care to individuals, families, groups, and communities.

In the role as designer, manager, and coordinator of care, nurses collaborate with patients and interdisciplinary care teams.

Health Related Personnel. Medical corpsmen, psychiatric technicians, and others are eligible for credit by examination under the university’s policy as outlined in the current catalog. The curriculum is designed to emphasize theory-based practice in nursing and to provide the foundation for graduate study. While pursuing the degree, students are encouraged to select their area of interest. They are also encouraged to collaboratively care for patients in a variety of settings: acute care, critical care, long-term care, ambulatory care, and home care.


Global RN to BSN Degree Completion Program Requirements

The California State University, Fresno, School of Nursing offers opportunity for advanced placement in the baccalaureate program for applicants who have earned an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and hold a Registered Nurse (RN) license. The curriculum is designed to emphasize theory-based practice in nursing and provide the foundation for graduate study in nursing. 

Individuals holding an RN degree can benefit from earning a BSN degree to:

  • facilitate movement up the career ladder
  • apply for public health nurse certification
  • prepare for admission to school nurse, clinical nurse specialist, and nurse practitioner programs

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN-to-BSN program is offered by the expert faculty of the School of Nursing in cooperation with the Division of Undergraduate Studies and the Division of Continuing and Global Education. Courses are offered as hybrids, with some classes delivered via computer-based learning modalities and some held at the practice site. Students progress toward their degree as a cohort, taking 18 months to complete degree requirements.

Admission criteria for the Global RN to BSN program is the same as those of the on-campus RN-to-BSN program. Students must be admitted to the California State University, Fresno, Office of Undergraduate Studies and have a California registered nurse license. In addition, applicants must have current malpractice insurance, and current CPR certification. 

Applicants must complete a School of Nursing application and a university application. Students are selected through evaluation of academic performance and work experience. California State University, Fresno has been authorized to admit upper division transfer students, who are qualified but lack the required general education requirements in critical thinking or math and quantitative reasoning, on a case- by-case basis to our nursing program. All program units are taken through the Division of Continuing and Global Education. Students are not required to take any portion of their coursework on the California State University, Fresno campus.

Students may transfer a maximum of 70 units and will earn 57 units in residence for a total of 127 units to earn the BSN degree. Of the 57 units in residence; a typical program consists of:

  • 26 units in the nursing major
  • 12 units UDGE coursework
  • 19 units of upper division units, which are validated credit for equivalent nursing coursework

Fees are $290 per unit. 

To inquire about becoming a student or offering the program at your practice site, contact:

Cherie Rector
Global RN to BSN Coordinator

Visit the website for program details:


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