Public Health - Health Promotion Option, M.P.H.


Department of Public Health

Kara Zografos, Chair
McLane Hall, Room 184

Degrees and Programs Offered

BS in Health Science - Community Health Option, B.S.
BS in Health Science - Health Administration Option, B.S.
BS in Health Science - Environmental/Occupational Health & Safety Option, B.S.
MN in Public Health, Minor
MPH in Public Health - Health Promotion Option, M.P.H.

Courses Offered

Health Science

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science and the Master of Public Health (MPH) are designed to prepare students for careers with official and voluntary health agencies at the federal, state, or local levels of government as well as the private sector. The Master of Public Health degree is designed for individuals seeking a professional degree in public health. This degree is recognized throughout the world and is fully accredited by the Council of Education for Public Health (CEPH).

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Department of Public Health offers curricula based on principles of public health practices leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, including a major and minor in health science with options in community health, environmental/occupational health and safety, and health administration.

Master's Program

The mission of the program is to prepare public health professionals for leadership roles in the field of health promotion so that they may contribute to the process of improving the health of communities located within the San Joaquin Valley, California, and the southwest. This mission is fulfilled by attaining several program goals which address the health needs of the ethnically and socioeconomically diverse populations living in the San Joaquin Valley and the southwest. Coursework for the Master of Public Health (MPH) is varied and designed to provide the maximum opportunity for problem-solving approaches to the complex issues in the operation, environment, and human factors confronting the health care systems.


Master of Public Health Degree Program Requirements

This program is designed to prepare students in the broad area of public health. It includes preparation in the public health core and in the Health Promotion Option. The option includes a field experience and a culminating experience.

Admission to the MPH program is a two-phase process. The first phase requires that a candidate meet the graduate division requirements for admission to the university, and the second phase is the admission to the MPH program. Applicants are required to complete the department application.

A. Admission to the university: A candidate must have achieved an under graduate GPA of 2.5 on the last 60 units and submit official copies of university transcripts, and scores on the GRE.

B. Admission to the MPH program: Candidates for admission to the program will be selected based on the following:

  1. Academic ability and preparation as demonstrated by: (a) 3.0 GPA in the major (b) scores on the GRE (c) official transcripts, and (d) satisfactory completion of all prerequisites.
  2. Professional capabilities as demonstrated through: (a) three letters of recommendation (from employers and at least one from a former faculty member) and (b) a statement of intent.

Once admitted to the program, the student will be assigned to a faculty advisor, and, under the advisor's direction, the student will follow a pattern of study designed to be completed in three years of late afternoon and evening study. Admission commences during the fall semester, and each student is admitted for a specific term. If a student is admitted and is unable to start the program, he or she will have to reapply for admission to another term.

Graduate-Level Writing Competence. The university requires that students have graduate-level writing abilities before being advanced to candidacy for the master's degree. Students must demonstrate these abilities by passing the writing requirements in PH 210. Check the program's website for the most current copy of the policy.

Culminating Experience. A culminating experience is required of all California State University, Fresno students earning master's degrees. This requirement is met by completing a thesis, project, or comprehensive exam. A limited number of students may be permitted to undertake a thesis or project, depending on the availability of faculty or committee members.

The MPH program is designed around the following framework:

Thesis or Project

Public Health Core (19 units)
Option (12 units)
Elective (3 units)
Field Experience (4 units)
Thesis or Project (4 units)
Total (42 units)

Comprehensive Examination

Public Health Core (19 units)
Option (12 units)
Elective (6 units)
Field Experience (5 units)
Total (42 units)


For additional information, please contact the Department of Public Health at California State University, Fresno; 2345 E. San Ramon Ave. M/S MH30; Fresno, CA 93740-8031; 559.278.8324.


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