Music - Music Education Option, M.A.


Department of Music

Matthew Darling, Chair
Music Building, Room 134

Degrees and Programs Offered

BA in Music - Instrumental Performance Keyboard Option, B.A.
BA in Music - Composition Option, B.A.
BA in Music - Vocal Performance Option, B.A.
BA in Music - Instrumental Performance Option, B.A.
BA in Music - Music As A Liberal Art Option, B.A.
BA in Music - Music Education, Choral/Vocal Music Education Emphasis, B.A.
BA in Music - Music Education Option, B.A.
BA in Music - Instrumental Music Education Emphasis, B.A.
BA in Music - Jazz Studies, B.A.
CRED in Single Subject Credential - Music
MA in Music - Music Education Option, M.A.
MA in Music - Performance Option, M.A.
MN in Music, Minor

Courses Offered

A major in music is designed to prepare students for careers in teaching, performance, or music-related fields. It enhances their knowledge of the musical art and increases their sensitivity to the musical world around them.

The Department of Music provides the following:

  • undergraduate instruction in music for those planning professional careers as performers, composers, and studio teachers, as well as those preparing for advanced degrees in performance and composition
  • state-approved subject matter preparation required for a California teaching credential in music
  • graduate education for students planning professional and academic careers or seeking professional growth as K-12 teachers or junior college instructors
  • broad acquaintance with music for the community and nonmusic major

Two degree programs accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music are offered: the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Arts.


The music building houses recital and concert facilities, rehearsal halls, classrooms, faculty studios, offices, and student practice rooms. The building also contains recording studios, computer labs, MIDI and electronic music labs, and a tracker-action organ.


Graduate Program

The Master of Arts degree program in music is designed to increase the candidate's professional competence, to increase the ability for continued self-directed study, and to provide opportunity for greater depth in the chosen area of concentration within the field of music.

Foreign students must have achieved a minimum TOEFL score of 600 to gain en trance to the program.

With permission of the studio teacher, students with TOEFL scores between 550 and 600 may be considered for admission.

Graduate Writing Skills Requirement

Before advancing to candidacy, students must pass the graduate writing requirement. The graduate writing requirement is a component of MUSIC 220. Students who pass all components of MUSIC 220 except the writing requirement will undertake a developmental writing program until the standards are met. The standards for the graduate writing requirement are included in the course materials for MUSIC 220.

Master of Arts Degree Requirements

(See also Admission to Graduate Standing, Advancement to Candidacy, Program Requirements, and Criteria for Thesis and Project.)

The Master of Arts degree program in music requires a bachelor's degree in music or the equivalent.

All entering M.A. students must take diagnostic entrance examinations in music history and music theory. Where needed, remedial work may be required prior to graduate study. An audition and/or entrance interview is also required.

Under the direction of graduate advisers, each student prepares and submits a coherent program individually designed within the following framework:

Courses in music, including at least 21 units in 200-series

Specific requirements (12 units)
MUSIC 204220, one music history seminar (MUSIC 260TMUSIC 277) and one music theory seminar (MUSIC 240TMUSIC 267)

Option (select one) (10-11 units)
Music Education

Electives (4-5 units)
Courses in music, or related fields, in a subject other than music (consult adviser)

Project or thesis (3 units)

Total (30 units)

Students in the performance option who elect emphases in vocal performance and choral conducting must satisfy foreign language requirements in French, German, or Italian (see area adviser). Courses in addition to those in the M.A. requirements may be specified after examination of the student's record and the student's performance on the diagnostic entrance examination. A maximum of 4 units in MUSIC 102 taken after completion of the B.A. may be applied to the M.A. A written qualifying examination is required for admission to project or thesis.



The Department of Music faculty has backgrounds in varied areas of specialization. Many members of the faculty have national and international reputations as performing artists and teachers. Others are well known for their scholarly research, articles, and books. They are all dedicated to providing students with the best music education possible both in their classes and studios.

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