Education - Reading/Language Arts Option, M.A.


Department of Literacy, Early, Bilingual, and Special Education

Dr. Cathy Yun, Chair
Education Building, Room 250

Degrees and Programs Offered

CRED in Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential
CRED in Reading and Literacy Added Authorization Certificate
CRED in Early Childhood - Specialist Credential
CRED in Education Specialist Mild/Moderate - Clear Credential
CRED in Education Specialist Mild/Moderate - Internship Credential
CRED in Education Specialist Mild/Moderate - Preliminary Credential
CRED in Education Specialist Moderate/Severe - Clear Credential
CRED in Education Specialist Moderate/Severe - Internship Credential
CRED in Education Specialist Moderate/Severe - Preliminary Credential
CRED in Multiple Subject - Preliminary - Early Childhood Emphasis, Credential
MA in Education - Reading/Language Arts Option, M.A.
MA in Education - Early Childhood Education Option, M.A.
MA in Special Education, M.A.
MA in Education - Multilingual & Multicultural Education Option, M.A.
MN in Urban Civic Education, Minor

Courses Offered

The department provides the foundation for graduates in early childhood, special education, bilingual instruction, reading/language arts, and teacher education. Our goal is to provide a foundation for our students to become leaders in education and highly skilled professionals. We hope you find that our faculty are committed to providing quality instruction for you to become a leader at your site and in education as a whole.


M.A. in Education Option: Reading/Language Arts Requirements

Dr. Imelda Basurto, Coordinator
Education Building, Room 263

Program Description. The Master of Arts degree program in Education with an option in reading/language arts is designed to provide professional and specialized preparation for classroom and resource teachers and consultants; diagnosticians and supervisors in reading clinics, schools, and community colleges. It enables graduates to do consulting and editing for publishing companies and to pursue advanced graduate study in universities offering the doctoral degree.

Reading and Language Arts graduate courses are designed to help teachers learn how to make curricular decisions about teaching reading and how to meet the needs of students with varying language communication backgrounds. Students pursuing a degree or credential in Reading and Language Arts also learn to inspire other teachers to upgrade the reading/language abilities of students through demonstrations of effective reading strategies.

Admission Requirements. In addition to the admission requirements listed in the Graduate Education Program section of this catalog, M.A. in Education- Reading/Language Arts program applicants must provide verification of advisement.

Program Requirements. Under the direction of the Reading Program Coordinator, each student prepares and submits an individually designed program within the following framework:

1. Course Requirements (18 units)
ERE 220*; ERE 288 (or CI 285) (6 units)
LEE 213**, 215, 244, 278 (12 units)

2. Approved Electives (9 units)
(See adviser for suggested courses or groupings. The program offers special elective groupings in Integrated Language Arts, Teaching English Language Learners, Diagnostic/Clinic Experiences, and Reading Recovery.)

3. Culminating Experience (3 units)
Choose between (a) 3 units of approved electives plus comprehensive exam [0 units] or (b) LEE 298A or LEE 299 [3 units]

Total (30 units)

* ERE 153 or an approved equivalent is a prerequisite for ERE 220.

** Students meet the Graduate Writing Requirement by passing the writing component of LEE 213. See graduate program coordinator for further information.


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