Linguistics - TESOL / SLAT (Second Language Acquisition & Teaching) Option, B.A.



Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

Linguistics Major - TESOL/SLAT (Second Language Acquisition and Teaching)

A B.A. with a major in linguistics requires 36-46 units completed, depending on which option, the General Education requirement, specific course/skill requirements, and electives and remaining degree requirements totaling at least the 120 units required for a B.A.

In each option, students receive a basic grounding in the nature and structure of human language. The option in Teaching English as a Second Language provides students with a foundation for teaching ESL, or for graduate study in teaching ESL. This degree is especially useful when combined with a California teaching credential.

1. Major requirements (42 units)
Core Requirements (24 units)
LING 100, 139, 142, 143, 148, 151, 156, 165

TESOL/SLAT (Second Language Acquisition and Teaching) Option (18 units)
LING 132, 141, 146, 153, 155, 171I

2. General Education requirements (49 units)

3. Other requirements (6 units)
Upper-division writing and Multicultural and International (MI)

4. Sufficient elective units to meet required total units (varies)

5. Total units (120)*

* G.E. and MI courses can be double-counted with major requirements. The writing requirement may be met by taking the upper-division writing exam. See advisor for details.

  1. CR/NC grading is not permitted in the linguistics major.
  2. See advisor for list of approved electives.
  3. Students who have studied a language in high school or community college, or who by culture and experience have a certain level of proficiency, must consult with an advisor in the language to determine their placement in lower- or upper-division coursework.


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