Sports Coaching, Minor



Minor in Sports Coaching Requirements

KINES 1 (3 units)
KINES 38 (3 units)
KINES 109, or 110, or 125A, or 125B, or 125C, or 125D , or 190 (3 units)
KINES 146 (3 units)
KINES 159 (3 units)
KINES 162 (3 units)
Total (18 units)

Note: The Coaching Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA.

Supplementary Authorization in Physical Education
(formerly Physical Education Minor) - see Kinesiology Department's credential adviser.

Advising Notes

  1. Students must consult with an adviser.
  2. Advanced First Aid and CPR must be current at the time of graduation.


The Department of Kinesiology is composed of a cohesive, creative, and dynamic group of well-educated faculty with a wealth of practical and professional experience. Students are engaged in educational and clinical research programs and practical experiences which incorporate leading-edge technology and best practices. The curriculum and associated instruction provide a solid foundation for future learning and professional growth. The program incorporates many opportunities for professional certification through prestigious national organizations and governing bodies. Students become experts in exercise, fitness, performance, and wellness.

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