Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor


College of Arts and Humanities

Kristi Eastin, Coordinator
Peters Business Bldg. 334

Degrees and Programs Offered

MN in Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor

Courses Offered

Application Criteria

Students with a 3.5 cumulative GPA in the last 60 units are eligible to apply. Application for the Honors Program includes the following: a current copy of transcript, a written personal statement, a substantial sample of the student’s writing and/or creative work, and a letter of recommendation/nomination from a Fresno State faculty member willing to serve as mentor/adviser to the student for the honors thesis/project. The student must successfully complete and earn a grade of A in the Arts and Humanities Honors Seminar (AH 100H) to continue in the program.

Applications are accepted in September for the following spring semester.


Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor

The Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor surveys relationships among philosophy, literature, music, architecture, sculpture, and painting. It also makes some use of science, popular culture, contemporary events, and whatever else is relevant that may come to hand in order to explore as richly as possible the interrelationships among arts and ideas. And it does so for entire cultures, subdivided, of course, into their major periods.

Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor
HUM 10 and 11 (6 units)
HUM 15 or 104 or 118 (3 units)
HUM 108 and 110 (6 units)
Approved Electives (select from remaining humanities courses or from other pertinent courses approved by the faculty adviser) (6 units)
Total (21 units)

Note: The Humanities Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in residence.