Pre-Health, B.S.


College of Health and Human Services

Jody Hironaka-Juteau, Dean
McLane Hall, Room 178

Degrees and Programs Offered

PREB in Pre-Health, B.S.

Courses Offered

The primary mission of the College of Health and Human Services is to provide professionally oriented education at the baccalaureate level and to provide graduate programs in specialized disciplines related to health and human services. As a major academic unit in a comprehensive regional university, the college is unique and important in educating health and human services professionals of the San Joaquin Valley. The college co-operated with other units of the university to provide a comprehensive curriculum required to effectively prepare qualified professionals.

The college provides an especially important leadership role in community services through participation of its faculty in organizations, boards, and a variety of agencies and by conducting workshops, symposia, in-service education, and applied research. The college is also committed to the continuing education and the professional development of health and human services providers.

The academic disciplines of communicative disorders and deaf studies, gerontology, kinesiology, nursing, physical therapy, public health, recreation administration, and social work education seek to foster interdisciplinary-holistic education for future health and human services providers.

Courses Offered


Prehealth Major

A prehealth major is designed for those students wanting to pursue a degree in a health career. This is a one-year major that will provide students an opportunity to complete General Education requirements and explore interests in health related majors such as Kinesiology, Public Health and Nursing. Students will complete this one-year program and then be required to change their selected major in CHHS or to another major within the Fresno State catalog.

Semester 1 (Fall)

Select one course from each area of General Education listed below:

and also enroll in:

Students wishing to pursue a degree in nursing will also need to enroll in BIOL 20 (4 units).

Total (16-21 units)


Semester 2 (Spring)

Select one course from each area of General Education listed below:

Total (18-19 units)