Single Subject Credential - Business Preliminary


Department of Finance and Business Law

K. C. Chen, Chair
Peters Business Building, Room 285
FAX: 559.278.4911

Degrees and Programs Offered

BS in Business Administration - Finance Option, B.S.
BS in Business Administration - International Business Option, B.S.
BS in Business Administration - Real Estate & Urban Land Economics Option, B.S.
BS in Business Administration - Accelerated Option, B.S. - Continuing & Global Education
CRED in Single Subject Credential - Business Preliminary

Courses Offered

The Department of Finance and Business Law offers three options (areas of emphasis) within the Bachelor of Science in the Business Administration degree program.

The Finance Option stresses the financial structure of businesses through a common set of courses and specialized courses directed at various applications. It is designed to provide students with the basic skills required to plan, supervise, and control the financial activities of business organizations. These include understanding the trade-off between risk and return, the time value of money, and the magnifying effect of leverage. Students also gain the skills related to evaluating the financial needs of a business, obtaining the funds required by the firm, and using these funds in such a way that the company's goals are met.

Career opportunities in finance include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) corporate finance - financial analyst, financial planning, project finance; (2) portfolio management - security analyst, stock broker, investment banker, portfolio manager; and (3) banking and financial institutions - commercial and residential loan officers, trust officer, marketing officer.

The International Business Option introduces students to the fastest growing part of business today. The information and communications revolution - and declining travel costs - have made all businesses aware of global markets. The option stresses the role of global communications and the growth of entrepreneurial opportunities in worldwide markets, with special attention to California and the markets of the Pacific Rim.

The Real Estate and Urban Land Economics Option provides the background for a wide range of career opportunities in addition to residential and commercial real estate sales. These areas include development, lending, banking, appraising, escrow, property management, and construction. Usually students who enroll in the real estate option will complete all courses necessary to take the California Brokers License Examination.


Business Teacher Education Program

The Craig School offers a single subject business credential to teach in departmentalized classrooms typically found in middle school and senior high school settings. Information on this fifth year program may be obtained from business teacher education adviser Richard Lacy.

TEACHING - Basic Teaching Credentials

A basic teaching credential may be earned in conjunction with a baccalaureate degree or following completion of a fifth-year course of study. The three basic teaching credentials are Multiple Subject Credential (Elementary School), Single Subject Credential (Secondary School), and Preliminary Level I Education Specialist Credential (Special Education).