Business Administration - Accelerated Option, B.S. - Continuing & Global Education


Department of Finance and Business Law

K. C. Chen, Chair
Peters Business Building, Room 285
FAX: 559.278.4911

Degrees and Programs Offered

BS in Business Administration - Finance Option, B.S.
BS in Business Administration - International Business Option, B.S.
BS in Business Administration - Real Estate & Urban Land Economics Option, B.S.
BS in Business Administration - Accelerated Option, B.S. - Continuing & Global Education
CRED in Single Subject Credential - Business Preliminary

Courses Offered

The Department of Finance and Business Law offers three options (areas of emphasis) within the Bachelor of Science in the Business Administration degree program.

The Finance Option stresses the financial structure of businesses through a common set of courses and specialized courses directed at various applications. It is designed to provide students with the basic skills required to plan, supervise, and control the financial activities of business organizations. These include understanding the trade-off between risk and return, the time value of money, and the magnifying effect of leverage. Students also gain the skills related to evaluating the financial needs of a business, obtaining the funds required by the firm, and using these funds in such a way that the company's goals are met.

Career opportunities in finance include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) corporate finance - financial analyst, financial planning, project finance; (2) portfolio management - security analyst, stock broker, investment banker, portfolio manager; and (3) banking and financial institutions - commercial and residential loan officers, trust officer, marketing officer.

The International Business Option introduces students to the fastest growing part of business today. The information and communications revolution - and declining travel costs - have made all businesses aware of global markets. The option stresses the role of global communications and the growth of entrepreneurial opportunities in worldwide markets, with special attention to California and the markets of the Pacific Rim.

The Real Estate and Urban Land Economics Option provides the background for a wide range of career opportunities in addition to residential and commercial real estate sales. These areas include development, lending, banking, appraising, escrow, property management, and construction. Usually students who enroll in the real estate option will complete all courses necessary to take the California Brokers License Examination.


Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (ABBA) Requirements

Highlights of the program:The Accelerated Bachelor’s in Business Administration (ABBA) provides students with an opportunity to complete the last two years of their degree within 15 months. The ABBA program was designed as a Special Option with focus on general knowledge in Business Administration. The courses are taught in a cohort format on the Fresno State campus (students go through all the courses with the same group of students from start to finish) on two weekday evenings with additional alternate Saturdays. The total number of units needed to complete the program is 62, of which 20 units will be completed online. Due to the nature of this program, seating is limited. 

  • classes guaranteed to be available
  • cohort model, with online and face-to-face courses
  • not subject to any fee increases throughout the program
  • courses taught by distinguished Craig School of Business faculty
  • work and complete the degree at the same time (night and weekend classes)
  • financial aid is available for those who qualify

There is space for 44 students in the cohort. As part of the cohort program, all your classes are prescheduled and your seat will be reserved. From start to finish, it will take 15 months to complete the program.

The intended start date for the fourth cohort is January 2014.
Fees are tentatively set at $350 per unit.

The degree is the same (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) as the on-campus degree program. However, the ABBA program is considered a Special Option offered through the Division of Continuing and Global Education with an emphasis in general business. If your goal is to earn an option in any of the fields offered by the Craig School of Business, you might consider standard admission with a regular option.

For additional information, schedule an appointment with the Craig School of Business Outreach Counselor. Please call 559.278.2048 or e-mail Or visit:

For questions not related to admission, please call the University Business Center at 559.278.2352.


The faculty comprises more than 20 full-time and part-time individuals who have outstanding reputations in both business and education. All full-time members of the department have earned an appropriate doctoral degree and many of them have gained national reputations for their scholarship. The faculty is extremely active in research and textbook writing as well as in working with the business community. A wide range of approaches are used in teaching the many different courses offered by the department. These include computer simulations, team projects, community projects, laboratory research, group discussions, collaborative work groups, case studies, internships, and foreign studies programs. The broad background of the faculty members and their strong commitment to business education assures students of a challenging and rewarding course of study.

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