Creative Writing, Minor



Creative Writing Minor

The Creative Writing Minor offers substantial training for students wishing to supplement their major area work, prepare themselves better for graduate work, prepare for classroom teaching and other fields, or who simply have an interest in the art of literary writing. The Creative Writing Minor requires 20 units, at least 12 of which must be upper-division units. Courses taken as CR/NC may not apply to the minor.

Lower Division
ENGL 41, 43, or 44 (4-8 units)
(Select a minimum of one course; transferrable credit acceptable)

Upper Division
ENGL 161, 163, or 164 (8-12 units)
(Select a minimum of two courses; if lower division was transferred, select three courses. Each course may be repeated one time.)

Select one: ENGL 101, 102, or 103 (4 units)

Total (20 units)

Note: The English Minor also requires a 2.0 GPA and 8 upper-division units in residence. Prerequisites for courses may be waived only with permission of adviser and specific course instructor on the basis of an adequate writing sample.



The English Department consists of 26 full-time faculty whose teaching fields cover every area of literary studies and the humanities, including film and folklore. Most of the faculty have published books, textbooks, and articles in their disciplines, five have received outstanding teaching awards at the university, and one has received an outstanding teaching award for the entire CSU system. In addition, the faculty includes a number of lecturers, part-time instructors and teaching assistants, and the department operates an English writing lab staffed by tutors trained to work with students on an individual basis.

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