Education - Educational Leadership & Administration Option, M.A.


Department of Educational Leadership

Susana Hernández, Chair
Education Building, Room 350

Dr. Jennifer Watson, Program Coordinator for M.A. in Education Option: Educational Leadership and Administration

Education Building, Room 461

Dr. Varaxy Yi Borromeo, Higher Education Administration & Leadership, Pathway facilitator
Education Building, Room 365

Degrees and Programs Offered

CRED in Administrative Services - Preliminary Credential
CRED in Admin Serv Cert of Eligibility
CRED in Administrative Services - Internship Credential
MA in Education - Educational Leadership & Administration Option, M.A.

Courses Offered

Program Description

Our mission is to develop scholar-practitioners committed to advancing equity and excellence in educational leadership for P-12 and higher education throughout the Central Valley by offering graduate degrees and advanced credentials.


M.A. in Education Option: Educational Leadership and Administration

Program Description. The Department of Educational Leadership offers a program leading to a Master of Arts degree in Education with an option in Educational Leadership and Administration. The Educational Leadership and Administration Program prepares students through two distinct pathways: the P-12 Leadership and Administration and Preliminary Administrative Services Credential pathway and the Higher Education, Administration, and Leadership (HEAL) pathway.

Admission Requirements. In addition to the admission requirements listed in the Graduate Education Program section of this catalog, applicants to either of the Educational Leadership and Administration pathways must connect with an adviser (program coordinator or pathway facilitator).

Program Requirements.

1. Course requirements (27 units)
a. MAE Core: ERE 220* and ERE 288 (or CI 285) (6 units)
b. Educational Leadership and Administration Core: EAD 261 and 262 (6 units)
c. Pathway courses (15 units)
For individuals seeking careers in P-12 administrative positions: EAD 263, 269, 272, and 274
For individuals seeking careers in higher education or other administrative positions: EAD 266, 269, 273, 278T

2. Culminating experience (4 units)
a. Comprehensive exam (0 units) plus ERE 244 (4 units), or
b. EAD 298 (4 units), or
c. EAD 299 (4 units)
Total (31 units)


* ERE 153 or an approved equivalent is a prerequisite for ERE 220.

** Students meet the Graduate Writing Requirement by passing the writing component of EAD 261.

Note: no more than 6 units of coursework taken for CR/NC only may be applied toward degree requirements.


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