Single Subject Credential - Geological Science


Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Robert Dundas, Chair
Science II Building, Room 114

Degrees and Programs Offered

BS in Geology, B.S.
BS in Environmental Sciences, B.S.
CERT in Geographic Information Systems, Certificate of Adv Study - Continuing & Global Education
CRED in Single Subject Credential - Geological Science
MN in Geology, Minor
MS in Geology, M.S.
MS in Water Resource Management, M.S. - Continuing & Global Education

Courses Offered

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at California State University, Fresno offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Geology -- as well as the Bachelor of Arts in Natural Sciences and the Minor in Geology -- which are especially well-suited for primary and secondary teachers.

Coursework and research emphasize field and laboratory investigations of geologic and environmental problems. Our field orientation takes advantage of the university's proximity to the Sierra Nevadas, the California Coast Ranges, coastal California, and the desert provinces. This unique location gives faculty and students access to an unparalleled outdoor laboratory, all within short trips from the university.

The department's close relationship with state agencies and the private sector enables many students to pursue internships or part-time employment in geologic and environmental work while they complete their degrees.

The Bachelor of Science in Geology prepares students for employment in petroleum geology, mineral exploration, land-use planning, environmental assessment, hydrology, and engineering geology, or for teaching earth science or physical science at the secondary level. The Master of Science program provides a graduate degree for students who want to work in industry or government on the professional level, for students who want to teach earth science in junior college, or for students who wish to pursue further graduate study.

Our applied geology option specializes in engineering geology, hydrogeology, or exploration geology fields, which have the strongest employment potential.

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences offers an interdisciplinary approach to the natural sciences with an emphasis on biology, chemistry, and geology. This degree is designed for students interested in areas such as pollution abatement, water resources, ecosystem protection, restoration, or management.

Students may also participate in coursework and research in marine geology and oceanography offered through Moss Landing Marine Laboratories in Monterey Bay. Consult the chairs of the Earth and Environmental Sciences and Biology departments. See Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Biology Department.


Single Subject Credential - Geology Sciences Requirements

Single Subject Credential (2042)
Jody Daughtry, Coordinator
Education Building, Room 100

Program Description. The Single Subject Credential authorizes the holder to teach in the subject area specified on the credential in departmentalized classrooms commonly found at middle schools, high schools, and adult educational settings. The Kremen School of Education and Human Development offers the Preliminary Single Subject Credential in cooperation with various academic departments. The cooperating departments are responsible for developing subject matter competency; the Kremen School of Education and Human Development is primarily responsible for developing professional education competency.

The Single Subject coordinator provides general advisement for Single Subject Credential candidates. Area advisers (see list) provide academic advisement for credential candidates majoring in their respective departments, teach methods courses in their subject fields, assign and supervise student teachers, and act as official liaisons between the subject matter departments and the Single Subject coordinator. Advisers may be contacted through the Kremen School of Education and Human Development's Advising Center.

Single Subject Majors and Advisers
Agriculture: A. Parham/R. Vaughn/S. Rocca
Art: D. Nadaner/P. Fleming
Business: R. Haller
English: K. Godfrey
English (Theatre Arts): K. Morin
English (Speech): R. Powell
Modern and Classical Languages (French): R. Kuhn
Modern and Classical Languages (Spanish): J. Amaral/D. Avila/T. Bergman
Industrial Technology: D. Austin
Kinesiology: D. Kinnunen
Mathematics: A. Tuska/R. Amarasinghe/L. Burger
Music: T. Mowrer
Science: D. Andrews
Social Science (History): L. Clune

Types of Single Subject Credentials (2042)

Students may earn two types of credentials through the Kremen School of Education and Human Development:

  • Preliminary Single Subject Credential
  • Internship Single Subject Credential

A Preliminary Single Subject Credential provides authorization to teach a specified subject in a departmentalized classroom for a maximum period of five years. Requirements for completing the Professional (Clear) Single Subject Credential will be provided by the employing school district.

Requirements for Initial Admission

  1. Attend a Single Subject Credential program orientation meeting.
  2. Provide evidence of successful completion of an appropriate pre-program field experience (45 hours) or EHD 50, Introduction to Teaching.
  3. Provide evidence of having taken all three sections of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) with passing scores. Verification of a minimum score of 41 is required when passing only the reading and writing sections.
  4. Complete an application to the credential program. Required application materials and forms are available online at All admission requirements (forms, documents, prerequisites) must be completed prior to enrollment in professional program courses.
  5. Prove current enrollment in or application to California State University, Fresno with a receipt of application, a current enrollment transcript, or class schedule.
  6. Provide verification of a cumulative GPA of 2.67 or 2.75 on the last 60 units.
  7. Complete an Admission Interview Form and obtain an interview from a Single Subject Credential faculty member and from the subject area academic adviser.
  8. Obtain a medical clearance at the University Health Center or from a private physician.
  9. Obtain two recommendation letters written by instructors, supervisors, or other individuals in a position to recommend for admission into a teacher education program.
  10. Obtain appropriate clearance to teach in a public school by presenting a valid California Teaching Credential or applying for a Character and Identification Clearance.

Program Completion Requirements
(University and State Credentialing)

Successful completion of a core of professional education courses, dispositional assessments, and all performance assessment tasks associated with the Fresno Assessment of Student Teachers (FAST).

Requirements for a Preliminary Single Subject Credential

1. Complete prerequisites/corequisites and a 34-unit core of professional education courses.

Prerequisite: EHD 50
Prerequisite or corequisite: CI 149

General Core
CI 151 (3 units)
CI 152 (3 units)
CI 161 (3 units)
LEE 156 (3 units)
LEE 157 (3 units)
SPED 158 (3 units)
EHD 154A (1 unit)
EHD 154B (1 unit)
EHD 155A (4 units)
EHD 155B (10 units)
Total (34 units)

(Note: Teacher candidates must earn a GPA of 3.0 with a C or better, or a CR (Credit), on all professional preparation courses to be recommended for the credential.

2. Demonstrate subject matter competence: (a.) Complete an approved subject matter preparation program or pass the subject matter examinations designated by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. (b.) Receive clearance from the academic adviser that subject matter competency has been met.

3. Complete a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in a subject matter other than education.

4. Pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST).

5. Verify completion of CPR training.

6. Complete a course in the provisions and principles of the United States Constitution or pass an examination in the subject given by a regionally accredited junior college, college, or university, or verify meeting the interstate agreement requirements.

Requirements for the Preliminary and Professional (clear) Credentials can change, and subject matter tests can be revised. For an update or other information, contact the Certification and Graduate Programs Office in ED 151 at 559.278.0299.

Time Restrictions. Education courses required for a Preliminary Credential must be completed no more than 10 years prior to credential application.

Note: With the exception of the Internship Program, individuals may begin a Single or Multiple Subject Credential program if they are in their senior year, have completed at least 90 units toward a bachelor's degree, and have been admitted to a credential program.

 Requirements for Admission to Initial Student Teaching (EHD 155A)

  1. Submit an EHD 155A application form by the specified deadline.
  2. Receive notification of initial admission to the Single Subject Credential program.
  3. Maintain a 3.0 GPA on all professional education courses. All courses (except those offered for CR/NC only) must be taken for a letter grade.
  4. Complete a program advising form and have it signed by the academic area adviser and the Single Subject coordinator or Single Subject adviser.
  5. Have completed or be enrolled concurrently in CI 151 and CI 152. Be concurrently enrolled in SPED 121 and CI 159.

Requirements for Admission to Final Student Teaching (EHD 155B)

  1. Submit an EHD 155B application form by deadline.
  2. Demonstrate subject matter competence.
  3. Maintain a 3.0 GPA on professional education coursework. All courses (except those offered for CR/NC only) must be taken for a letter grade.
  4. If granted an "Exception" admission, satisfy all requirements specified when the exception was granted.
  5. Show evidence of passing the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) by presenting a CBEST Permanent Verification card.
  6. Have completed CI 151, CI 152, CI 159, SPED 121, and EHD 155A. Have completed or be concurrently enrolled in LEE 154. Have completed or be concurrently enrolled in CI 161 (depending on policy of the appropriate academic department).

Note: Students who receive a "No Credit" grade in any student teaching course are required to petition the Admission and Standards Committee for approval to retake the course. Students who receive a grade of "No Credit" for a second time will be dismissed from the Single Subject Credential Program. Student teachers whose placements are terminated after the date for refund of tuition are responsible for full tuition regardless of circumstances leading to termination.


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