Communication, B.A.


Department of Communication

Kevin J. Macy-Ayotte, Chair
Speech Arts Building, Room 15
FAX: 559.278.4113

Degrees and Programs Offered

BA in Communication, B.A.
MA in Communication, M.A.
MN in Communication, Minor

Courses Offered

Our aim is to prepare students to understand and provide leadership in a competitive communication-oriented society. We offer a balance of humanistic and scientific instruction in communication skills people need to function effectively in teaching, business, law, nonprofit organizations, public service and administration, public relations, government, and management. Outside the workplace, these skills will also enhance students' ability to be active in civic engagement and community service.
Our program requires a comprehensive understanding of the breadth and depth of our discipline, as well as its major theoretical frameworks and research methodologies. Both the major and minor are grounded in the fundamental communication contexts including public, interpersonal, group, organizational, instructional, and intercultural communication. Additionally applied contexts in business communication, gerontology communication, technology, and leadership are available. Students investigate problems in diverse cultural settings, which make the San Joaquin Valley - with its tremendous ethnic diversity - an ideal location for study.

The Communication Skills for Professionals Certificate program recognizes development in such areas as presentational speaking, problem solving and decision making, leadership, and interpersonal communication.

Our program offers a variety of exciting activities to enrich students' educational experience. We have an active student organization, the Professional Communication Association, and a debate team that participates in competitive intercollegiate tournaments and hosts public debates on campus. Our annual Peach Blossom Festival brings more than 5,000 elementary-age students to campus to present prose and poetry.

We offer you personalized advising. Our major builds on a sound core of foundation courses and is completed by courses selected to meet your needs and career objectives. Our major requirements are flexible and easily integrated into a host of minors.


Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

Communication Major

The communication major is designed to provide broad-based competencies in oral and written communication, critical analysis of human discourse, and social scientific and humanistic research methods. The major also emphasizes how this theoretical knowledge is applied in specific contexts ranging from personal relationships to business management to public advocacy.

1. Major requirements (42 units)
Fundamental communication processes and skills (6 units)
Select two from COMM 3, 4, 5, 6H, 7, 8, 15

Core competencies (12 units)***
COMM 100, 140, 142, 166

Personal and professional communication (18 units)
Select a minimum of two courses in each area

Electives in major (6 units)**
Select an additional 6 units of upper-division communication coursework.

2. General Education requirements (49 units)

3. Other requirements (6 units)
Upper-division writing and Multicultural and International (MI)

4. Sufficient elective units to meet required total units (varies)

5. Total units (120)****

* See Advising Note 1.
** See Advising Note 2.
*** See Advising Note 6.
**** G.E. and MI courses can be double-counted with major requirements. The writing requirement may be met by taking the upper-division writing exam. See advisor for details. 

Advising Notes

  1. The 6 units of COMM 3, 5, 7 and/or 8 may be applied to fulfill General Education Foundation A1 and A3 requirements.
  2. No more than 3 units from COMM 15 and 6 units from COMM 115 can count toward fulfillment of the communication major. No more than 3 units from COMM 115 can be applied to the Advocacy in Public Settings Area.
  3. CR/NC grading is not permitted in the communication major with the exception of COMM 179I (Internship).
  4. No more than 6 units of COMM 179I (Internship) may be applied toward completion of the communication major.
  5. Students are allowed only 3 units of COMM 190 and no more than 6 units toward the baccalaureate degree.
  6. A grade of C or better is required in COMM 100, 140, 142, and 166 to fulfill the core competencies requirement.


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Bachelor of Arts in Communication

A Roadmap identifies the specific set of courses students must complete in their major in sequential order. Information on corequisites or prerequisites is listed along with other pertinent information to assist students in completing courses towards the major.

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Students studying on campus

The communication program presents a balance of humanistic and scientific instruction including communication skills people need to function effectively in teaching, business, law, the communication professions, public service, politics and management. Students have an opportunity to explore the full range of human communication.

Recognizing that some careers require extensive knowledge about specific communication practices (in occupations ranging from politics and law to human resources and public relations), while virtually every field demands competence in oral and written communication skills, the Department’s undergraduate program offers degree and certificate options tailored to our students varying needs.

What You Can Earn

Public Relations Specialist
$47,107 (in our region)

Communications Manager
$91,101 (in our region)

Vendor Management Analyst
$48,599 (in our region)

Source: HR Reported data on as of December 2012

Interesting Classes You Might Take

  • Communication and Humor
  • American Public Address
  • Family Communication
  • Computer Applications in Communication

What You Can Learn

  • Various theories of interpersonal communication
  • Communication in group thinking and problem solving
  • The use of persuasion as a social tool for resolving controversy and opinions from the perspectives of both the persuader and the persuaded
  • The nature of communication and its relationship to learning and instruction

About the College

The College of Arts and Humanities provides a diverse student population with the communication skills, humanistic values and cultural awareness that form the foundation of scholarship. The college offers intellectual and artistic programs that engage students and faculty and the community in collaboration, dialog and discovery. These programs help preserve, illuminate and nourish the arts and humanities for the campus and for the wider community.

College Contact Information

College of Arts & Humanities
Office of the Dean
2380 E. Keats MS/MB99
Fresno CA 93740-8024

(559) 278-3056
FAX: (559) 278-6758

Where We Are Located

We are located in the west wing of the Music Building in Room 186.

Deparment Contact Information

Department of Communication
5201 North Maple Ave, Mail Stop SA 46
Fresno, CA 93740-8027

Office Location: Speech Arts 15

Phone: 559.278.2826
FAX: 559.278.4113