Single Subject Credential - Business Preliminary


Finance and Business Law Department

Richard Lacy
Peters Building, Room 522

Degrees and Programs Offered

CRED in Single Subject Credential - Business Preliminary


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Business Interdisciplinary

CSB 150. Strategies for Success

Prerequisites: Upper-Division Writing Skills Requirement (may be taken concurrently). Preparation for job placement including resumes, on-campus recruitment, business etiquette and job offers. Presentations by faculty, recruiters and alumni. May be used as a substitute for CSB 50 with prior written approval of the instructor. CR/NC grading only.

Units: 1

CSB 184. Junior Honors Seminar

Prerequisite: acceptance into the Craig Honors Program. Survey of the business disciplines and their application to business problems. Empirical, applied, and theoretical background for business research. Current issues and methods for solving business problems. Business research methodology, ethical considerations in designing research. Literature review and written proposal required for honors thesis. (Formerly MGT 156)

Units: 3
Course Typically Offered: Spring

CSB 185. Senior Honors Seminar I

Prerequisite: CSB 184. Analysis of business research and the application to business problems. Special emphasis on strategic management. Data analysis, applying to graduate schools, and conducting a job search. Lectures by faculty and business leaders. Fall of senior year. (Formerly MGT 186A)

Units: 2

CSB 186. Senior Honors Seminar II

Prerequisite: CSB 185. Analysis of business research and the application to business problems. Special emphasis on strategic management. Editing and revising manuscripts, preparing papers for publication, designing conference posters, and delivering professional presentations. Spring of senior year. (Formerly MGT 186B)

Units: 2


Business Teacher Education Program

The Craig School offers a single subject business credential to teach in departmentalized classrooms typically found in middle school and senior high school settings. Information on this fifth year program may be obtained from business teacher education adviser Richard Lacy.

TEACHING - Basic Teaching Credentials

A basic teaching credential may be earned in conjunction with a baccalaureate degree or following completion of a fifth-year course of study. The three basic teaching credentials are Multiple Subject Credential (Elementary School), Single Subject Credential (Secondary School), and Preliminary Level I Education Specialist Credential (Special Education).