Agriculture Specialist Credential


Department of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education

Randy C. Perry, Chair
Ag Mechanics Building, Room 106D, M/S AS 75

Degrees and Programs Offered

BS in Agricultural Education - Agricultural Communications Option, B.S.
BS in Agricultural Education - Teacher Preparation Option, B.S.
BS in Animal Science - Production Mgt Option-Livestock and Poultry Mgt Emphasis, B.S.
BS in Animal Science - Production Mgt Option-Dairy Science Emphasis, B.S.
BS in Animal Science - Production Mgt Option-Equine Science Emphasis, B.S.
BS in Animal Science - Production Mgt Option-Meat Technology Emphasis, B.S.
BS in Animal Science - Science Option-Preprofessional Emphasis, B.S.
BS in Animal Science - Science Option-Pre Veterinary Emphasis, B.S.
CRED in Agriculture Specialist Credential
MN in Animal Sciences, Minor
MS in Agricultural Science, M.S.
PREB in Pre Veterinary Prerequisites

Courses Offered

Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education

Prepare for the future in agricultural sciences, technology, and management with a degree in animal sciences or agricultural education. The Department of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education offers options in agricultural communications, teacher preparation, science, and production management. The science option has career specialization in the areas of preprofessional (basic) animal science and preveterinary medicine. The production management option offers career specialization in the areas of dairy science, equine science, meat technology and livestock business management. Courses integrate animal evaluation, behavior, disease, environmental management, genetics, health, marketing, muscle biology, nutrition, physiology, production, and reproduction.

The agricultural education major is designed to equip students for careers as agricultural communication specialists or secondary agriculture teachers. Specializations may be developed in agricultural business, animal sciences, plant sciences, or mechanized agriculture.

Instructional Facilities

Instruction in the animal science disciplines is enhanced through practical application at the various farm laboratory units on-campus. The Beef, Dairy, Horse, Meats, Poultry, Sheep, and Swine units are maintained by our faculty and students to support this educational purpose and provide a unique, hands-on learning experience for our students. In addition, veterinary and physiology laboratories are utilized to complement on-campus education. A 4,300-acre livestock and range management facility and another 800 acres of rangeland in the Sierra foothills are available.


Agricultural Specialist Requirements

Credential Program

The Agricultural Specialist Credential, which authorizes holders to teach secondary school vocational agriculture, is offered jointly by the School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology and the Kremen School of Education and Human Development. It requires completion of the Single Subject Waiver Program (see above), professional education courses (see Education Single Subject Credential Program Requirements, Professional Preparation), and an approved fifth-year program of 30 postgraduate units including AGED 135, 150, 187, 189; EHD 155B; CI 161; and AGRI 280, 281.


The faculty represent diverse specializations in the disciplines of animal science and teacher training. With doctoral degrees from many of the nation's most prestigious agricultural universities, the faculty have combined philosophies of undergraduate education, research, curriculum development, industry relations, and career placement into a unique program. Their experience allows for the combination of the practical and theoretical aspects of the animal sciences to provide an education second to none. Students select an adviser who assists in both academic and career planning on an individual basis. The faculty place a high priority on strong teacher-student relationships.

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