Jan and Bud Richter Center for
Community Engagement and Service-Learning

Frank W. Thomas Building 107
Chris Fiorentino, Director Center

California State University, Fresno has a rich history of engaging students in service to the community. As part of an overall educational experience, community service learning can have a profound impact on a student's personal, professional, and academic development. During the 2016-2017 academic year, the university provided almost 1.4 million hours of service to the community..


The Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning is responsible for coordinating the university’s community engagement and service-learning efforts.  We are dedicated to improving the education and development of our students and helping create a better community through service and learning.

Community Engagement

Fresno State is committed to being a premiere engaged university. This is reflected in the many ways our university demonstrates, through mutually beneficial partnerships, the alignment between the university's teaching, research, and professional service agenda and the interests of our region. Examples of community engagement activities include, but are not limited to, community service and volunteerism; service-learning; applied research; efforts that engage the campus community in the democratic process; faculty and staff professional service to the community; and projects that address the historical, cultural, and/or informational needs of the community.


Service-learning is proven to enhance students’ academic success, career development, and personal skills. This is accomplished thrrough active participation in meaningful service linked to academic study through structured reflection.  The service may include improvement of community resources, direct service to people in need, applied research, community outreach and education, or policy analysis and advocacy.  There are approximately 200 such courses offered each year at Fresno State. Approved service-learning courses are listed in the catalog and the Class Schedule with an "S" designation. Additional details can be found at

To promote the value of service activities and enhance the subsequent learning experience, the university also offers two community service-learning courses for academic credit. 
COMS 1. Community Service-Learning 
COMS 101. Community Service Internship

Who Should Get Involved in Service?

We hope you will! If you enjoy the rewards of helping someone in need or are concerned with social issues, the Richter Center can find a place for you to share your talents with others. In return, you will experience real-life situations that can help you be successful in all your endeavors.

Who Benefits?

Everyone! Research has shown that students who are involved in community service activities during their undergraduate years significantly enhance many aspects of their personal, professional, and academic development. Programs and citizens of our community dramatically benefit from the service work of students. Community service and service-learning provide an opportunity for everyone to gain important benefits.

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