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CDDS 125. Audiometry and Audiology for School Nurses

Prepares students in obtaining certification as a School Audiometrist. Provides an introduction to the profession of Audiology, hearing loss and its medical aspects, the components of a hearing conservation program, basic assessment and management, and the fundamentals of interpretation.

Units: 3
Typically Offered: Fall

CDDS 139. Deaf Culture

Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth Area D. Experiences faced by deaf people, and their varying degrees of participation in deaf culture/deaf community; social, emotional, vocational, intellectual, and linguistic aspects of deaf culture; historical and current struggles to overcome problems experienced by deaf people in American and international cultures. G.E. Multicultural/ International MI. (Formerly HHS 139)

Units: 3
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring
GE Area: M/I

CDDS 230. Advanced Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in CDDS. Supervised clinical practice in the diagnosis and treatment of communicative disorders; development of treatment programs, parent counseling; referrals; on- and off-campus clinical sites. CR/NC grading only. (Lab Fee $10)

Units: 1-6, Repeatable up to: 24

CDDS 267. Externship in Speech-Language Pathology

Prerequisites: 5-15 units of CDDS 230 and permission of instructor. Supervised externship in speech-language pathology; diagnosis and management of communicative disorders. CR/NC grading only. No enrollment after any two semesters with a grade of NC unless approved by department Chair. (CSU liability insurance fee, $8)

Units: 1-9