Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences

Ojoung Kwon, Chair
Peters Business Building, Room 287
FAX: 559.278.5648

BS in Business Administration - Computer Information Systems Option, B.S.

Courses Offered

The Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences prepares students for the rapidly growing fields of information systems and decision-making supported by analytics. Producing new intelligence from raw data can help businesses enhance products and services, and organizations to meet their missions. It’s proven that computerized information-sharing enables better decision-making. Besides traditional methods of classroom instruction and guest speakers, students in these options are exposed to new developments in computer technology, software, and application; and have 24/7 remote access to computer resources.

Computer Information Systems (CIS) is the practice of developing and maintaining systems to support operations, management, and decision-making. It combines technology, people and business organizations in a single field. Within an “enterprise” architecture, an information system can be accessed by a community of users across functional departments and organizations providing real-time data pulled from a variety of sources. Topics covered in this option include systems analysis and design, database systems, computer networks, cloud computing, mobile app design, project management, cyber security, and business intelligence.

Statistical and Computer Laboratories

Students who study in the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department receive classroom instruction, listen to guest speakers, and enjoy field trips. They are also exposed to modern computer laboratories for the quantitative, computer, and business communication classes throughout the semester. The computer laboratories provide the student with the valuable opportunity of hands-on computer experience for such classes as computer programming and statistical analysis.