Department of Construction Management

Brad Hyatt, Chair
Engineering East Building, Room 218

BS in Construction Management, B.S.
MN in Construction Management, Minor


Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education, the professional accreditation organization of the construction industry.

The Minor in Construction Management provides an opportunity for students from interrelated disciplines such as engineering, city and regional planning, interior design, industrial technology, and business management to gain a level of basic knowledge in the working atmosphere and environment of construction management. Students in the minor acquire an interdisciplinary core of information for participation in their chosen professional fields.

Students in construction management (CM) are exposed to a wide variety of topics, ranging from courses in management and administration of construction companies, projects, people, and equipment to courses focusing on specific techniques for project planning, scheduling, project control, work improvement and estimating. The Construction Management program also provides opportunities to develop a strong background in computer applications in construction. Information technology skills combined with a solid management and technical background are major assets of the construction management graduate.

Opportunities for construction management graduates are excellent. Examples of positions held by construction management graduates are project engineer, project manager, construction manager, construction office or field engineer, estimator, scheduler, architectural representative, project superintendent, and construction administrator.

Mission of Construction Management

The mission of the Department of Construction Management is to develop professionals, build leaders, and sustain learning for the A/E/C Industry.

Educational Objectives of the Instructional Program

At the completion of the Bachelor of Science in Construction Management degree program, students should:

  • Establish the technical and management abilities of a construction professional (Project Management)
  • Identify the qualities of a construction leader (Leadership)
  • Define lifelong learning and identify specific methods to improve knowledge, skills, and abilities throughout a construction career (Lifelong Learning)

Mandatory Advising

It is the policy of the department that every student see his/her assigned advisor at least once during the academic year.