Special Programs

COMS 1. Com Serv-Learn

Provides a community service-learning experience where students apply their academic knowledge and skills to community-based issues and needs. Experiential learning will be enhanced through class discussions and presnetations on topics related to community service-learning. CR/NC grading only.

Units: 1-3

COMS 101. Community Service Internship

Provides a community service-learning experience to help students develop personal, professional, and academic knowledge and skills. CR/NC grading only.

Units: 1-3, Repeatable up to 6 units

GS 296. Interdisciplinary Colloquium

Prerequisite: Consent of Coordinator. Seminar in Interdisciplinary Special Major issues, allowing discussion with a broad-based, cross-disciplinary emphasis.

Units: 1-3

GS 298. Interdisciplinary Project

Prerequisite: see university Criteria for Thesis and Project. Preparation, completion, submission, and/or demonstration of an original project appropriate to the student's area of specialization. Creativity shall be a prime factor. Written documentation and an abstract is required. Approved for RP grading.

Units: 2-6

GS 299. Interdisciplinary Thesis

Prerequisite: see university Criteria for Thesis and Project; consent of thesis chair. Preparation, completion, and submission of an acceptable thesis for the interdisciplinary master's degree. Approved for RP grading.

Units: 2-6

GS 299C. Graduate Program Continuation

For continuous enrollment while completing the culminating experience.

Units: 0

INOV 191T. Topics in Innovation

Studies in innovation.

Units: 3, Repeatable up to 9 units

INTD 50. Critical Thinking on Global Issues

Identify and critically examine the seven areas of change expected to be most "revolutionary" in the coming decades including: Population, Resources, Technological, Information, Economic Integration, Security and Conflict, and Governance. A focus will be on how these areas inter-relate and how students can enable a more preferable future. G.E. Foundation A3.

Units: 3
GE Area: A3

INTD 177. Global Challenges

This course helps students become more globally competent by looking at different countries, cultures and ethnicities through the lens of seven large global Challenges: Population, Resources, Technological, Information, Economic Integration, Security and Conflict, and Governance. G.E. Multicultural/International MI.

Units: 3
GE Area: M/I

INTD 188S. Service Learning Abroad

This course is designed to accompany a study-abroad experience with an emphasis on service learning. Students will learn about the history of the location, culture and people of the destination and the present and future challenges faced by the indigenous people. G.E. Multicultural/International MI. S sections include a service-learning requirement

Units: 3
GE Area: M/I

UNIV 8. Reading Skills Application

Teaches skills to improve college success. Improves reading comprehension, study, and test-taking skills. Literal comprehension (topic sentences, paragraph patterns, signal words), critical comprehension (intent, tone, figurative language, propaganda, attitude), and vocabulary development.

Units: 1-3

UNIV 20. Acad Learn Strat

Units: 3

UNIV 20T. Academic Success

UNIV 20T is a 3 unit course designed to guide students through the academic process and to help ensure their success. The course lays a cornerstone for higher education and the advanced study and helps develop skills for a lifelong learning and achievement. Students gain an understanding of college life, career exploration, and the development of a purposeful community. Strategies to cope with both academic and social demands are presented, as well as rewards and responsibilities of lifelong learners.

Units: 3

UNIV 20T. Writing Skills

Units: 1, Repeatable up to 6 units

UNIV 20T. Connect to Careers

The course is intended to integrate students' academic knowledge with career-related experiences. The course will help students assess their own skills, expose them to careers, and understand a variety of organizational structures and operational procedures of a work environment. Students will be required to find an approved placement experience to help them further develop or enhance their professional skills.

Units: 1, Repeatable up to 6 units

UNIV 100. Succeeding at the University

Assists transfer and upper division students acquire skills needed to be effective learners: study habits, goal setting, time management, academic planning, campus/community involvement, and information competence. Exposure to campus resources.

Units: 1