Liberal Studies

LS 110W. Writing in the K-8 Classroom

Prerequisites: Completion of at least 56 units; Completion of the lower division writing requirement (G.E. A2). Enrollment limited to Liberal Studies majors. This course explores teaching writing in the K-8 classroom. Students will engage in genre analysis and the writing process. Meets the upper-division writing skills requirement for graduation. (Formerly LEE 110W)

Units: 3
Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

UNIV 1. An Introduction to Learning and the University

Assists students to acquire attitudes and skills needed to be effective lifelong learners. Individual and group activities focus on adaptation to change, study skills, goal setting, time management, career planning, information competence, community engagement, health and wellness. Exposure to campus resources. GE Area E1.

Units: 3
GE Area: E1