Undeclared Majors

The Undeclared Student. Entering students whose major is undeclared (or undecided) often want to investigate their options and explore their career choices.


The university is here to help in a number of ways. The Office of Advising Services, with counselors trained to address the special needs of undecided students, is central to the process of moving the undecided student toward an appropriate major and academic goal. Equally central is the Career Center with its myriad of career-related resources. Undeclared (or undecided) students should regard the services of both these offices as vital to their future success and should plan to visit at least once each semester. Academic departments, individual faculty members, and others should be sought out in order to expand understanding of the world of work, future trends, and professional opportunities.

Undeclared Major

Students entering with an undeclared major should seek advising from the Office of Advising Services. Students must be sure all prerequisite courses, including Additional Requirements to the Major, that are accounted for in the student's academic plan for graduation.

Undeclared Major Advising

The Office of Advising Services (Joyal Administration Building, Room 224, 559.278.1787) advises undeclared majors until a major is declared. Advising Services can suggest faculty contacts in the academic departments who will be of help. Also, experienced career counselors are available in the Career Services office. There students will be assisted on an individual basis with the appropriate use of vocational testing. Advising Services can advise all students on General Education and non-major related degree requirements. At a minimum, all undergraduate students are expected to review their roadmap to graduation with an adviser from their major department by the end of the term in which they complete 75 units. Some departments require advising earlier and more often.

Four-Year Program of Study

The program is a plan designed in consultation with a designated Degree Guarantee Program adviser to ensure completion of all degree requirements within four years. The Four-Year Program of Study form must be signed jointly by the student and the adviser and placed on file in your major department (or temporarily, for undeclared majors, in the Office of Advising Services).

Four-Year Graduation Plan Specialized Advising

Students will be eligible for advising every semester from specially designated Degree Guarantee Program advisers in their respective major departments (or, for undeclared majors, in the Office of Advising Services).


Students who are undeclared must have the approval of the dean of Graduate Studies to be readmitted to the university.

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