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Response Lens Booklet

This is the booklet our tutors use in our small writing groups. The lenses are on the left hand pages and were written Bookletwith an audience of tutors and students in mind. The pages on the right are aimed at tutors and offer information and advice on teaching the lenses. This booklet is still a draft.

Here is a Word file with the pages in linear form:

Lens Booklet (.doc)

The link below is a PDF in booklet form. It is meant to be printed double-sided, folded in the middle, and stapled either by your printer or manually.

Lens Booklet (.pdf)


Individual Lenses

Here are three individual lenses that cover a broad range of response situations.

More About Sayback 2-Step Summary
.doc .doc .doc
.pdf .pdf .pdf


Use and Attribution

Please feel free to use any of these resources. If you do, use a link to this page as an attribution so that others will be able to find their way back to us too.

If you revise the lenses we ask that we be allowed to use any of your changes to improve our tools.  If you consider using the materials commercially you must contact us first.

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