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Our online service is designed to give a rich response to writers that have difficulty coming into the Writing Center in person.

When you send your paper to our online service the tutor will go through it paragraph by paragraph recording their reactions as a list of I-statements so you can see what sorts of things are going on in their mind as they read your draft. 

Here are a few paragraphs from an actual online response to give you an idea of what to expect: 

"Fallbrook, California, a place known for its gently rolling hills, lush groves, ancient oak trees, equestrian and walking trails, riparian areas, nature preserves, and Mediterranean climate.  This quiet town near San Diego, California is where I had the pleasure of traveling to and experiencing its quiet small town culture."

[1]  I'm feeling intrigued. I've never heard of Fallbrook and your description of the town so far is really engaging. I am wondering what "riparian areas" are but I'm hoping you're going to explore that later on. I'm interested to see where your paper goes from here.

"Even though the town of Fallbrook may not be the most exciting place to travel to, it was a big trip for my friend, my husband and myself. This was the first time we would be leaving our daughters for a long period of time…four days and three nights to be exact! I knew that this trip would be a difficult getaway for me but I knew that having my best friend, Mariel with me going through the same thing would help, or at least we would each have a shoulder to cry on!"

[2]  I'm still feeling interested. I like the way you've introduced the characters in this paragraph. I'm also curious about why you guys were going to Fallbrook; you say that it's not the most exciting place to visit so I'm assuming that perhaps you have family there but I'm hoping you'll explain this more later on.

"As we pulled in on a late Thursday night, or should I say early Friday morning, from our long five hour car ride there was not too much to see in the dark but we knew that our stay at the Pala Mesa Resort would be relaxing and calming based on the large amount of land the resort sat on. We were the last ones to check in for the night and the kind man at the front handed me a map to guide us on our drive to our room. After unpacking our things we called it a night and decided to venture out the next day; my husband and his friend would golf and my girlfriend and I would get pedicures and manicure for the wedding we would be attending that Saturday."

[3]  I'm feeling curious about how you knew, or felt that it was going to be relaxing from the large amount of land that the resort sat on. Is that because it will be secluded? What kind of land is it? Is it near the beach? Or more woodsy? I'm still interested to know why you guys chose to come here; perhaps the kind of land, or the amount of space it offers, had something to do with it? Again, I'm hoping you explore this later on in your paper. Also, I was slightly surprised by the appearance of your husband's friend; did he come with you?

After giving response like this for all of your paragraphs, the tutor will give you a comment on your paper as a whole based on which reactions stuck out most for them and why.

If this kind of feedback sounds like something you're interested in, go here.* (online tutoring is currently closed)