One-on-One Tutoring

A Walk-in session in progress

Call us at 278-0334 to make an appointment to work with a tutor 1-on-1 for 50 minutes, or come by to have us explain everything and help you make an appointment in person.

What you and the tutor do depends on what you bring and what your concerns are.  You don’t even need any writing done— just drop by with your assignment.  The tutor will talk with you a bit and ask you to write about your concerns before you both decide what to work on.

If you have time to make bigger changes and are concerned with whether what you're saying in your paper makes sense, the tutor can focus on that, asking you questions and helping you see what your ideas are and how they're organized.

If you'd really like to look at the errors in your paper or focus on formatting, like MLA or APA, the tutor can help you with that. You're welcome to come back several times with the same paper, so you can focus on ideas, clarity, or organization in one session, and then have another session where you focus just on the grammar and language errors in your paper or a specific kind of formatting you need.

See the contact page for our hours and where we're located.