Three writers at a table

The Writing Center is here to help any Fresno State Student with any writing you're working on. Please stop by and meet us or feel free to call 278-0334.

We can help you:

Understand your assignment What are you being asked to do?

Get started We can brainstorm with you, generate lots of possibilities, and start writing.

Make changes Have writing done? Bring it in. Our tutors are trained to ask questions and look at structure in ways that will help you see what you've got so you can make choices about what to add, cut, or move around.

With grammar Worried about your sentences, punctuation, and formatting? Come on in. We won't go through your paper with a red pen. We'll look for patterns. You may have 20 mistakes and 15 of them are the same mistake over and over. We'll show you that, explain the rule, do some practice, and you'll be better prepared to self-correct that error in the future.

With 2 services:

Small Writing Groups A 1 unit course you take where you meet in a small group all semester. This group gives you no homework, you just work on writing already assigned to you by your other courses. More info here.

One-on-One Tutoring Call us and make an appointment (278-0334) to work with a tutor 1-on-1 for 50 minutes, or come by and we'll explain how everything works and sign you up in person.  More info here.


Students at the Writing Center