The Fresno Community Chorus

Dr. Anna Hamre, Director

Fresno Community Chorus is organized around the study and performance of choral literature appropriate for a large, symphonic choir. It is an auditioned choir; singers in all voice parts may audition ahead of each season.  Returning singers are auditioned by section. 

Coro Piccolo

Members of Coro Piccolo, organized into an auditioned small ensemble, all come from the ranks of the Fresno Community Chorus. This smaller group is used when music calls for reduced forces, and also performs as an independent ensemble. It is expected that the members of the small group have excellent music-reading skills (so that they can learn their music on their own) in addition to possessing strong ensemble voices of excellent blend.

More information is available on the Fresno Community Chorus website.

Enjoy images from the Wind in the Willows performances and rehearsals.

Community Chorus cast

Community Chorus Cast

Community Chorus Coro Piccolo


Rehearsal for The Wind in the Willows


The Wind in the Willows Rehearsal


Rehearsal for The Wind in the Willows