Degrees and Programs

The Department of Music provides:

  • Undergraduate instruction in music for  those planning professional careers as performers, composers, and studio teachers, as well as those preparing for advanced degrees in performance and composition.
  • State-approved subject matter preparation required for a California teaching credential in music.
  • Graduate instruction for students planning professional and academic careers or seeking professional growth as K-12 teachers or junior college instructors.
  • A broad acquaintance with music for the community and nonmusic major.

Prospective music majors should read an advisory provided by the National Association of Schools of Music.

The following degrees and programs are offered:


Bachelor of Arts in Music


  • Composition
  • Instrumental Performance
  • Instrumental Jazz Performance
  • Music as a Liberal Art
  • Music Education
  • Vocal Performance

Music Minor

Certificate of Special Study in Music Performance


Master of Arts Degree in Music


  • Music Education
  • Performance