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*Change in the Edward Said Lecture Series: Dr. Radhakrishnan will be here on November 2, Science 145, 5-6:30pm (changed from October 26!!!)


Middle East Studies Lecture, Performance & Film Series 2015-2016


Monday, September 21, 5-7, Science 145

Religious Traditions: Islam
Guest Speaker: IRFAN ALI, Co-Chair, Interfaith Alliance of Fresno
What is Islam?
Guest Speaker: DR. NEGIN TAHVILDARY, Philosophy and Religious Studies, California State University, Fresno
Women’s Rights in Islam


Friday, September 25, 3-5, PB (UBC) 191

(Edward Said Lecture 1) The Responsibility of the Worldly Intellectuals
Guest Speaker: DR. DAVID LLOYD English, University of California, Riverside


Monday, September 28, 5-7, Science 145

A Historical Perspective: The Ancient Near East
Guest Speaker: DR. MARITERE LOPEZ, History, California State University, Fresno


Monday, October 5, 5:15-7, Science 145

A Historical Perspective: The Rise and Fall of the Islamic Empire
Guest Speaker: DR. FREDERIK VERMOTE, History, California State University, Fresno


Monday, October 12, 5-7, UBC 191

(Edward Said Lecture Series 2) Orientalism: Its Genealogies and its Legacies
Guest Speaker: DR. NADIA LATIF, Anthropology, Georgia State University


Monday, October 19, 5-7, Science 145

Imperialist Interests, The Postwar Era, Israel’s Birth and the Occupation of Palestine
Guest Speaker: DR. MANZAR FOROOHAR, History, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Monday, November 2, 5-6:30, Science 145

(Edward Said Lecture Series 3) Edward Said: The Non-humanist Humanist
Guest Speaker: DR. R. RADHAKRISHNAN, UC Irvine


Wednesday, November 4, 5-6:30, Peters Education Auditorium (Student Rec Center)

Humanism Food Security and Climate Change
Guest Speaker: DR. HILAL ELVER, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food and Research Professor at the Orfalea Center at UC-Santa Barbara


Friday, November 6, 10-12, UBC 191

(Edward Said Lecture Series 4: Mini Conference) Universities at the Crossroad: The Assault on Academic Freedom

Edward Said's Humanism and the Rejection of the State Department's Definition of Anti-Semitism
Guest Speaker: DR. RICHARD FALK, Princeton University/UCSB

Censoring Palestine at the University: Growing Threats to Academic Freedom
Guest Speaker: AZADEH SHAHSHAHANI, President, National Lawyers Guild

What Is to Be Done? An Activist Agenda
Guest Speaker: Dr. VIDA SAMIIAN California Scholars for Academic Freedom, Professor of Linguistics, Dean Emerita, College of Arts and Humanities, California State University, Fresno


Monday, November 9, 5-7, Science 145

Middle East Art and Cinema
Guest Speaker: DR. ADAN AVALOS, Professor of Cinematic Arts, University of New Mexico


Monday November 16, 5-7, Science 145

Music in the Middle East
Guest Speaker: DR. PARTOW HOOSHMANDRAD, Music, California State University, Fresno


Monday November 23, 5-7, Science 145

Iran in the 21st Century
Guest Speaker: DR SASAN FAYAZMANESH, Professor Emeritus of Economics, California State University, Fresno


Monday, November 30, 5:30-7, Science 145

Contemporary Literature of the Middle East (Arabic, Azeri, Turkic, Persian)
Guest Speaker: DR. ALISON MANDAVILLE, English, California State University, Fresno


California State University, Fresno

Middle East Studies Lecture, Performance & Film Series 2014-2015

*All events are held at 6:00pm at PB #101 unless otherwise noted


Monday Feb. 2

Historical Perspectives: The Ancient Near East (6PM, PB 101)
DR. MARITERE LOPEZ, History, Fresno State


Monday Feb. 9

Religious Traditions: Islam (6PM, PB 101)
DR. NEGIN TAHVILDARY, Philosophy, Fresno State


Monday Feb. 23

The Development of Islamic Civilization (6PM, PB 101)
“Cultural and Religious Diversity during the Islamic Civilization"
DR. SERGIO LA PORTA, Philosophy & Armenian Studies, Fresno State


Saturday, March 7

An Evening of Iranian Classical Music (*7PM, Concert Hall)
Behrouz Sadeghian & Faramarz Amiri


Monday March 9

Islamic Civilization:Edward Said’s Orientalism (*5 PM, PB 101)

Cinema & Media:  Media Stereotypes of the Middle East (6 PM PB 101)
DR. MARY HUSAIN, MCJ, Fresno State


Monday March 16

The Rise and Fall of the Ottomans and Safavids (6PM, PB 101)
DR. FREDERIK VERMOTE, History, Fresno State


Monday March 23

European Imperialist Interests, the Rise of Nationalism, and the Postwar Era (*6PM, PB 191) DR. AFSHIN MATIN, History, California State University, Los Angeles


Monday April 6

The Iranian Revolution and the US Policy of Dual Containment (6PM, PB 101)
DR. SASAN FAYAZMANESH, Economics, Fresno State


Monday April 9

Who Speaks for Islam? (*5-7pm, McLane Hall 121)
DR. VINCENT BIONDO, IRFAN ALI, HAMID MAVANI, Philosophy (the Ethics Center), Fresno State


Monday April 13

The Contest for Palestine (*6 PM, PB 191)
DR. LAWRENCE DAVIDSON, History, West Chester University


Wednesday April 15

Feminist Street Art Since the Arab Spring (*2 PM, CA 101)


Monday April 20

Iranian Classical Music (6PM, PB 101)


Friday April 24

The Question of Apartheid and the Palestinian Struggle to End the Occupation (*3:30PM, PB 191)
DR. RICHARD FALK, Princeton University/UCSB


Free & Open to the Public!

Sponsors:  Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute; Parsa Foundation; Middle East Studies Program (Department of Philosophy);Persian Language and Culture Studies; The Ethics Center; California State University, Fresno