Spanish Program

Advising for Students in:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Spanish

  • Single Subject in Spanish Preparation

  • Spanish minor

If you have declared your major in Spanish, please visit your My Fresno State student center to look up the name of your assigned adviser. After you login, your adviser's name will appear on the right-hand side. You can then visit our faculty page to look up your adviser's contact information and office hours

If you are interested in declaring a Spanish major or minor, download and complete the change of major form. Make an appointment and take your form to the appropriate advisor for signature.

Name Office Phone Office Hours

Beginning Fall 2015: Contact Dr. Debbie Avila for advising in the Spanish BA and Minor and Spanish Single Subject Matter Preparation requirements.

Dr. Debbie Avila

PB 519



By email and appointment


Master of Arts, Spanish

Name Office Phone Office Hours

Contact Dr. Yolanda Doub for initial and continuous advising in the Spanish MA Requirements.

Dr. Yolanda Doub

PB 333


Graduate Coordinator

By email and appointment

Contact Dr. Keith Johnson for advising in the Spanish MA Linguistics option.

Dr. Keith Johnson (Spanish Linguistics only)

PB 435



Teaching Associate (TA) Positions

Teaching Associate (TA) Positions are available for students in the Spanish MA Program. Contact Dr. Johnson, Teaching Associate Coordinator, for information. 

Other Advising Notes

"Credit Allowances" are listed for Foreign Language classes. It is based on the student's experience in the language and most from the studies in high school. You may find those allowances here.

Credit by Examination: To "test out" of a course, you must be enrolled in the course for the same semester. There is two application procedure (1) the department request and (2) the university's Application for Credit by Examination". The same Department Credit Allowances pertain for students requesting to test out. Please note: Credit may not be awarded for a lower-division course if the student has received credit (credit or letter grade) for an upper-division course in that same foreign language. For example: if a student has received a letter grade for Spanish 119 (upper division course), the student cannot challenge Spanish 4A (lower division course).

The department application is available at the department office (Peters Business Bldg, Room 393). This form will required a copy of your unofficial transcript for the Chair's review and decision.

For more information:

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