French Major and Minor

Major requirements (30-44 units)

(see Advising Notes 1, 2, and 3 below)

Lower division (14 units)
FREN 1A, 1B; select two from FREN 2A, 2B, 4, 5
(see Advising Notes 3 and 4)

Upper division (30 units)
FREN 103 (6 units), 109 (3 units)
Select three from FREN 110, 111, 112, 113 (9 units)
Select four from FREN 120T (3-6 units), 132 (3-6 units), 149, 150, 160T
(see Advising Notes 4 and 5) (12 units)

General Education requirements (51 units)

(see Advising Notes 2 and 5)

Electives* (25-45 units)
Including other lower- and upper-division French courses, and remaining degree requirements (see Degree Requirements) may be used toward a double major or a minor.

Total (120 units)

This total indicates that a maximum of two courses (6 units) in G.E. Breadth C2 also may be applied to the French major: FREN 1B, 2A, and 2B. Consult a French major adviser for additional details.

Advising Notes

1. CR/NC grading is not permitted for courses in the French major.

2. Students must receive a minimum grade of C in each upper-division course used toward the French major.

3. French majors who have studied French in high school or who by culture or experience can speak French at a certain level of proficiency must consult with a French adviser to determine which required lower-division courses, if any, may be waived. (Also see Credit Allowance in Foreign Language.) French majors who are eligible to enroll immediately in FREN 1B, 2A, 2B, 4, 5, or in an upper-division French course are not required to make up the lower-division units waived. Waiver of required units for the major does not reduce the total number of units required for the awarding of the bachelor's degree.

4. Only 3 units of courses taught in English may be applied to the French major.

5. A maximum of two courses from one department may be used simultaneously to satisfy the General Education requirement and the major requirements. If the French major is the secondary major in a double major (see double major), this limitation does not apply. Consult a faculty adviser for additional details.

6. Students majoring in French cannot count French courses for G.E. Integration IC.

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