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Dr. Sandra S. Lee


Ph.D. (Linguistics), Simon Fraser University (1997)

The morphological and morphophonemic awareness of college-preparation ESL learners: An integrated study.

Advisor: Professor Murray J. Munro

British Columbia College of Teachers Certificate (Professional A 6) (1991)

M.A. (ESL), University of Hawaii at Manoa (1981)

East-West Center Culture Learning Institute, Hawaii (1981)

Diploma in Education, University of Malaya (1973)

Bachelor of Arts (English), University of Malaya (1972)


Assistant Professor, CSUF Department of Linguistics August 2006 – present:

LING 241         Seminar in TESOL

LING 237         Teaching Reading and Writing to Speakers of Other Languages

LING 141         TESOL (with Service Learning adaptation)

LING 111W     Academic Writing

LING 115         Language Culture and Society

LING 6             Advanced English Strategies


Classroom ESL instruction research, particularly on integrated reading, writing, and vocabulary learning.

ESL Teacher education and professional development.




Refereed publications:

Lee, Siok H.  (2009/10) Vocabulary and content learning in Grade 9 Earth Science: Effects of

vocabulary pre-teaching, rational cloze task, and reading comprehension task. The CATESOLJournal 21, 1 75-102. 


Lee, Siok H. (2009). Vocabulary learning in uninstructed silent reading and story rewriting: Effects of reading with and without a vocabulary list.   ITL International Journal of AppliedLinguistics, 158, 97-134 .


Balcom, Patrricia & Lee, Siok H. (2009) The effects of extensive instruction on learning the passive voice in intermediate ESL.   ITLInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics,157, 45-74.

Lee, Siok H. (2008). Beyond reading and proficiency assessment: The rational cloze procedure as stimulus for integrated reading, writing, and vocabulary instruction and teacher-student interaction in ESL. System, 36, 4, 642-660.


Lee, Siok H & Muncie, James (2006). From receptive to productive: Improving ESL learners’ use of vocabulary in a post-reading composition task. TESOL Quarterly, 40,2, p. 295-320.

Lee, Siok H. (2003). ESL Learners’ vocabulary use in writing and the effects of explicit  vocabulary instruction. System, Vol. 31, 4, 537-561.

Lee, Siok H. and Carey, Stephen (2002). Explaining Chinese learners' errors in the phonological

representations of English Latinate derivatives: A psycholinguistic perspective. The Canadian

Journal of Applied Linguistics, Vol. 5 No. 1-2, 65-91



Lee, Siok H. (2008). From the teacher’s perspective: Do pedagogical grammar courses in TESOL programs meet teacher and learner needs? Proceedings of the 2008 International conferenceand workshop on TEFL and Applied Linguistics. Ming Chuan University, Taoyuan,Taiwan, ROC, 14-15 March 2008, pp.351-361. Crane Publishing Co. Ltd.




Papers in submission:


Lee, Siok H. Integrating online writing assessment with teacher instruction in college ESL writing: Effective and efficient?



Projects in progress:

Lee, Siok H. & Nofziger, Sam. “Starting academic literacy early: Integrating reading, writing, vocabulary, and oral skills instruction.”


Lee, Siok H. Communicative language teaching: What teachers say and how have we helped?




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