Faculty Listing


Jean Wang

Graduate Coordinator

Sean Fulop

Japanese Program Coordinator

Tomoko Kozasa

Chinese Program Coordinator

Jidong Chen

Full-Time Faculty

Agbayani, Brian

email | website | Office: PB 416 

Syntactic Theory
Comparative Syntax
Syntax-Phonology Interface

Birch, Barbara

email | website | Office: PB 420

English as a second language reading
English grammar
Language attitude
Peace education

Boyle, John

email | website | Office: PB 417

Syntactic Theory
The Morpho-Syntax Interface
Language Documentation and Revitalization
Language Pedagogy

Chen, Jidong - Chinese Program Coordinator

email | website | Office: PB 421

First and second language acquisition, Event construal and event representation, Language and cognition

Fulop, Sean - Graduate Coordinator, Cognitive Science Coordinator, Webmaster

email | website | Office: PB 423 | Phone: 278-4896

Acoustic phonetics
Speech processing theory and methods
Computational linguistics theory
Mathematics of language
Mathematics and computation of learning

Golston, Chris

email | website | Office: PB 424

Poetic meter
Historical linguistics
Evolution of language

Lipp, Ellen

email | website | Office: PB 419

Second language writing
Second language reading
TESL/TEFL methodology
Curriculum design
Cultural issues in TESL/TEFL
Language program administration

Samiian, Vida

email | Office: PB 414

Persian language

Shepherd, Michael

email | website | Office: PB 411

Discourse analysis

Wang, Xinchun (Jean) - Chair

email | website | Office: PB 413

Applied Phonetics/Experimental Phonetics
Cross-Linguistic Speech Perception and Production
TESOL Theory and Methodology
Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Online Teaching and Learning
Chinese Language Instruction

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