Linguistics is the study of the human capacity for language. Language is the defining characteristic of the human species; without language, there would be no civilization, no culture, no scientific or technological development, none of the achievements and capabilities distinctive to the human species. Therefore, the study of the nature of language is fundamental to the understanding of what it means to be human.

Students and faculty in linguistics investigate the nature of human language, its structure, diversity, universality, acquisition by children and adults, historical change, and its use in society. They study how language is processed in the human mind/brain, and how it relates to other human cognitive faculties. And they study and develop applications of linguistics to teaching, technology, and many other fields. 

Our degrees and programs develop intellectual skills that are essential to professional careers or advanced degrees. More information regarding the Department of Linguistics is available at this link.

Interested in exploring linguistics? Check out our Thursday colloquium series, and learn about what you can do with a major in linguistics.

Contact Information

Department of Linguistics

M/S PB92

Fresno CA 93740

Phone: 559.278.2441

Department Chair: Brian Agbayani 

Administrative Assistant: Denise Bissett 

Graduate Coordinator: Jidong Chen

Japanese Program Coordinator: Tomoko Kozasa

Hmong Program Coordinator: Kao-Ly Yang

The Department of Linguistics is located in Peters Business Building, room 383. See campus map