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Giving to the College of Arts and Humanities

CAH Collage

Fresno State is a gateway to a better life for thousands of residents of the Central Valley. In order for the university to fulfill its mission, we must establish a bold outlook for the future. To ensure that our students have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce, Fresno State must become a regional hub for culture, creativity and the arts. 

Our disciplines are not about things; they are about life, both intellectual and practical. The arts — including theatre, dance, music, creative writing and the visual arts — expand the creative mind as they teach us to appreciate the artistic world. The disciplines in the humanities provide a gateway to help understand the human existence and develop the intellectual skills that allow us to evaluate, analyze, and critique the works of our imagination. 

Together, the arts and humanities nurture effective communication tools, strong analytic and problem solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and the desire to become lifelong learners. These are the tools most valued in our global society.