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Giving to the College

Featured Programs and Initiatives

The links in the left column provide provide detailed information regarding current programs and initiatives, as well as how you can become involved. Please check back often for updates.

Areas of Support for the College of Arts and Humanities Include:

Student Support

Our students today come from working and non-traditional backgrounds. Over fifty percent of them work full time to support themselves and their families while attending college.  The remaining fifty percent work part time sometimes as much as 30 hours per week. They bring to the classroom a level of maturity and determination that is highly valued. At the same time they could truly benefit from scholarship funds to reduce their number of work hours and give them time to focus on their studies. 

Faculty Support

Endowed Chairs and Professorships will continue to enable the College of Arts and Humanities to recruit and retain scholars whose leadership enhances the College’s visibility and its ability to attract outstanding students to its programs.  Endowment assures that resources will be in place to achieve these ends in perpetuity. 

Technology Support

Support for on-going technology upgrades will allow students to enter into the working world with skill sets that are relevant to technological advances. 

Program Support

The College of Arts and Humanities at California State University, Fresno would like to increase the number of regional, national and internationally known scholars and artists that share their knowledge and work with our students. Visiting Guest Artists, Lecturers and Scholars give students exposure to a wide range of styles and approaches as well as introduce them to influential professionals in their field.

Some additional giving opportunities are listed below:

Benefits Shared by Fresno State Benefactors

All Fresno State benefactors share one important reward for their gifts: the personal satisfaction of making an investment in human potential. Fresno State's finest achievements have been made possible by individuals who made the choice to benefit future generations of Fresno Staters. Every gift strengthens the University as it carries out its mission of teaching, research and public service.

Other Giving Opportunities

Donations to the Dean’s Council

Donations to the Dean's Council provide support to the Dean's Council Scholarship Endowment and Dean's discretionary fund for unique and unexpected needs of the college.

Department Annual Funds

Department annual funds provide departments the resources to amplify support for students and faculty that enhance the learning experiences of students.

Please Note

Tax planning is an important aspect of charitable giving. Laws are purposely designed to encourage charitable giving by lowering the cost of making a donation. The California State University, Fresno Foundation encourages donors to consult their personal tax and legal advisors in regard to all charitable gifts.

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