Honors Program

The Plan for Excellence II, 2001-2006, announced two goals which, in tandem, would enhance academic programs and hence the reputation of the university.

  • Goal 17. Develop honors programs in each of the colleges and schools.
  • Goal 18. Introduce components into all academic programs that will further engage students in the learning process as active partners with their teachers and mentors.

The University Committee on Honors envisioned departmental honors programs as taking the following shape:

  • Two year upper division Department based program
  • Entry as Fresno State or transfer Junior
  • Colloquium (separate or with University Honors)
  • Culminating honors experience
  • Minimum performance requirements

To that end, a number of departments have created honors programs. Moreover, as of last year, the College of Arts and Humanities initiated its own program, which binds each department within the College to provide two honors courses in the major, through which the student receiving honors in the College may satisfy his/her requirements.

In response to these desiderata, the curriculum committee for the English department has proposed an Honors program, which will form an excellent preparation for those seeking advanced degrees; those desiring a career in teaching or other fields requiring strong writing and critical thinking skills; or simply those who relish the prospect of additional challenge. Through its service components and its collegial presentation of a culminating project shared with faculty and other students, the Honors program fosters a sense of community both within the walls of our campus and beyond into the city at large.

The Honors program has been submitted and is waiting for catalog approval. Check back in Spring 2009 for more information on required application process, minimum GPA in the major, approved volunteer projects and courses.