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Teaching Associate Program

Positions are available on semester-to-semester basis to teach English 5A/5B and English 10. TAs in the MFA program who are in good standing are also selected to teach undergraduate courses in English 41, 43, or 44. Generally, the duties of the Teaching Associate in all of these courses include:

A. Instructing and managing the classroom

B. Creating and/or implementing the course design and assignment sequence

C. Preparing course materials and classroom activities

D. Responding to and evaluating student writing

E. Assessing student performance, including giving course grades

F. Assisting students outside of class during office hours and by appointment

Hiring for new TAs will be conducted each spring semester for appointment in the following fall semester.


Answers to commonly asked questions:

How many candidates are given a teaching associateship?

The number of TA’ships are given based on the number of qualified applications as well as the number of spaces available. The hiring committee usually selects between 8-12 new TAs per year.

What is the criteria for selecting people for teaching?

Minimum Qualifications:

Knowledge and Abilities — To be eligible to teach in the Department of English, the candidate must be enrolled in a graduate degree program within the department and have courses in, knowledge of, and experience with literacy learning and the writing process. Students must be fully admitted to the MA or MFA program in the Department of English, in good academic standing, and be enrolled in at least 6 units during the semester or in two courses toward the degree. If the candidate is not a new student, s/he must demonstrate satisfactory progress toward the degree. Candidates should also have the ability to relate well with others within the academic environment and have the ability or potential to learn how to instruct and evaluate students. Candidates should have evidence of satisfactory achievement in previous academic work and have strong letters of recommendation. Exceptions to these minimum qualifications may be granted at the discretion of the University.

Desirable Qualifications:

Preference may be given to applicants who have successfully completed courses in teacher preparation, such as English 131, English 132S, English 170W, Curriculum and Instruction 161, English 175T, English 270, English 181/281, and Linguistics 237, or similar teaching experience or training. In addition, preference may be given to those who have teaching or tutoring experience before applying for a TAship, but neither coursework nor tutoring/teaching experience is a prerequisite of employment.

What is the ball-park figure a TA makes?

Although the formula is technical in data, the beginning salary range for TAs (1) teaching 3-units is approximately $450 per/month, or $2,700 per semester; (2) teaching 6-units (maximum units a TA can teach in a semester) is approximately $900 per/month, or $5,400 per semester. The exact amounts are provided on the TA contract.

How often does the TA get paid?

Pay is once a month based on the payroll schedule, normally the last day of the month. With that said, the first paycheck for a brand new TA will not come until the end of September (pay for August). TAs who work the entire academic year, will get paid over 12 months. Those who work only half a year will get paid over 6 months.

Does the teaching associateship come with a tuition waiver and/or health coverage?

TAs who fill out a FAFSA and who are NOT eligible for State University Grants are eligible to receive a partial tuition waiver. The exact amount depends each year on the budget and number of TAs – and will be communicated to TAs through their contract – but is about $1,000 per semester at this time.

There is no health coverage in connection with the TA’ship. Students may receive health care from the Health Center. Students pay into this with admissions fee.

I am a from another department. Can I apply to teach writing in the English department?

Unfortunately, the California State University is very clear that students can only be assigned a TA position in the department in which they are seeking their degree.

If possible, I would like to start the application process.  Is there an online application?

Please see the job announcement on eRecruit for more information about how to apply. The job announcement usually comes out in February for the next academic year and applications are usually due toward the middle to end of March. You have to be a CSU student OR an applicant to find the job announcement. You must login to myfresnostate to see it.

Bargaining Unit 11 represents the classifications of Teaching Associates, Graduate Assistants, and Student Instructional Assistants.

More information on Student Employee Bargaining Unit.