Teaching Associateship Program

Positions are available on semester-to-semester basis to teach English 5A/5B and English 10. TA's in good standing are selected to teach undergraduate courses in English 41, 43, or 44.


How many candidates are given a teaching associateship?

The number of TA’ships are given based on qualified applications, not by quantity of MFA or MA candidates received.

What is the criteria for selecting people for teaching?

This may best be explained in the Department application (see website below).

What is the ball-park figure a TA makes?

Although the formula is technical in data; the beginning salary range for TA’s (1) teaching 3-units is approximately $420 per/month, or $2,500 per semester; (2) teaching 6-units (maximum units a TA can teach in a semester) is approximately $840 per/month, or $5,000 per semester. The exact amounts are provided on the TA contract.

How often does the TA get paid?

Pay is once a month based on the payroll schedule, normally the last day of the month.

Does the teaching associateship comes with a tuition waiver and/or health coverage?

TA’ship does not come with a tuition waiver. There is no health coverage in connection with the TA’ship. Students may receive health care from the Health Center. Students pay “into this” with admissions fee.

I am a fluent Spanish speaker and a credentialed Spanish teacher in California, is it possible to apply for teaching associateships in other departments?

Unfortunately, the California State University is very clear that students can only be assigned a TA position in the department in which they are seeking their degree.  
If possible, I would like to start the application process.  Is there an online application?  

Information for online and department application can be found on our department website at here.

The Bargaining Unit 11 represents the classifications of Teaching Associates, Graduate Assistants and Student Instructional Assistants.

For more information on the Student Employee Bargaining Unit, click here.