Master of Arts in English

Admission Requirements

University Graduate Admission

Those seeking admission to the Graduate Program in English should submit completed application forms (available online at to the University Admissions Office. The university will require transcripts and an application fee. International students may also need a TOEFL score.

When the Admissions Office has determined that the applicant is admissible to the university, notification will be sent electronically to the English Department’s Graduate Advisor. The Graduate Advisor will determine whether the applicant should be admitted to the program, and if admitted, whether the status should be “Classified” or “Conditionally Classified.” The Graduate Advisor will notify University Admissions of the decision. If the applicant has been admitted to the English program, then University Admissions will admit the student to CSUF Graduate School and allow enrollment in courses.

Department (Program) Admission

In addition to the university process, applicants must submit directly to the department (c/o Graduate Coordinator, M.A. Program) a writing sample of 12-20 pages. The sample should demonstrate the applicant’s facility at literary analysis, at incorporating secondary research, and at properly citing sources according to MLA guidelines. The writing sample will be evaluated by departmental committee. If the writing sample is approved by the committee, and if other application materials warrant, the applicant will be admitted to the program on “Classified Status.” If the writing sample is not approved, applicants can enter the program under “Conditionally Classified” status but will be required to take additional classes and to submit another writing sample at the conclusion of their first semester. Approval of the second writing sample will be required in order to continue in the program.

In general, the Department of English assumes the entering graduate student to have preparation equivalent to an undergraduate degree in English or a related field in the liberal arts. Students who have degrees in other fields, and/or who may need additional work to reach that equivalency, may be advised to take specialized courses to remedy the deficiency before being moved to “Classified Status.”

Beginning with entrants in the Spring, 2008 semester, the department is no longer requiring a GRE score for admission to the program.

More information about the writing sample guidelines can be found here. The writing sample should contain (1) the applicant's name, (2) address, (3) Email address and (4) phone numbers and be mailed to:

Graduate Coordinator
California State University, Fresno
Department of English
5451 North Backer Avenue M/S PB98
Fresno, CA 93740-8001