First-Year Writing Program

Linguistics 6: Advanced English Strategies for Multilingual Speakers

Linguistics 6 assists multilingual students with paraphrasing and summarizing while also providing help with English grammar. Begin with this course if you need instruction that addresses the challenges second language learners face with academic reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. After completing Linguistics 6, you will move on to English 5A & 5B. (3 semesters, 9 units)

You should consider Linguistics 6, if you use more than one language, and if you avoid reading and/or writing in English, or if you have a hard time understanding the main points of paragraphs or sections of a text. You will learn strategies that help you increase your reading comprehension while you develop a broader English vocabulary. This class will help you to build language skills through short readings and writings that will prepare you for English 5A & 5B.

Why take Option 3?

  • Fulfills requirement in three semesters.
  • Develops language base needed to do well at the university.
  • Focuses on smaller units of language, including sentences and paragraphs.
  • Concentrates on smaller writing assignments (1-3 pages).
  • Provides the support needed to do well academically at the university.

For more information on requirements contact the Linguistics Department at 559.278.2441.