First-Year Writing Program

English 5A and 5B: Academic Literacy I & II

English 5A and 5B "stretches" the reading and writing assignments over two semesters. The first semester starts with shorter assignments and moves toward more complex reading and writing at semester’s end. The second semester builds on work in 5A and leads you through longer and more complex reading and writing tasks. This option will make the transition from high school to college reading and writing easier for you. Unless you really excel in English, we suggest this option. (2 semesters, 6 units)
These two courses have the same learning outcomes as English 10. The only difference is that there is more time to learn the conventions of academic writing. You should choose this option if you haven't done a lot of reading and writing or if you find reading and writing difficult. In addition, these classes will focus more on researching, citing, and including sources correctly in your writing. You will learn to read critically and to connect the reading with the writing that you will do.

Finally these courses include more direct instruction in language choice, sentence variety, and editing.
Why take Option 2?

  • Fulfills requirement in two semesters
  • Emphasizes developing writing and reading strategies
  • Gives you an entire year of work with the same peers & teachers
  • Begins with less demanding assignments (3-5 pages)
  • Offers more opportunities to revise papers and learn to read critically
  • Eases transition to college reading and writing


Sample English 5A Syllabus

Sample English 5B Syllabus

Writing Assignments:

Sample English 5A Writing Assignment

Sample English 5B Writing Assignment