First-Year Writing Program

English 10: Accelerated Academic Literacy

English 10 is an advanced class, and to choose this option you need to be very competent readers and writers, ready to read complex essays, develop research supported analyses and complete assignments at a faster pace. (1 semester, 3 units)

Generally speaking, you are well prepared for English 10 if you have done a lot of reading and writing in high school. If you choose English 10, you will learn how to further develop your critical reading abilities, and your knowledge about how to do research, as well as create complex arguments from that research. This class starts with longer assignments (5-7 pages) and will build on your abilities to inquire, reflect, compose, revise, and edit. Finally, you should choose English 10 if you feel comfortable with rules of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. English 10 is for students who are willing to commit themselves to a faster paced curriculum in reading and writing.

Why take Option 1?

  • Fulfills requirement in one semester
  • Emphasis on reading, researching, and writing
  • Moves at a quicker pace
  • Presents a greater challenge
  • Begins with longer papers (5-7 pages)

Sample English 10 Syllabus

Sample English 10 Writing Assignments