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Dr. Reva E. Sias

Reva siasDr. Reva Sias joined the Department of English at California State University, Fresno in 2016. She received her Ph.D. in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric from Syracuse University. Her dissertation, Antebellum Rhetorical Education at Myrtilla Miner’s School for Colored Girls: Cultural Rhetoric and Epistolary Writing at the First African American Normal School, discovers and recovers artifacts that signify the lost rhetorical education, advanced literacy practices, and activism of free people of African descent, prior to the American Civil War.

As an Assistant Professor in the Rhetoric and Writing Studies Program, Dr. Sias specializes in Ethnic Rhetorics, Race, and Literacy Studies. Her pedagogy facilitates graduate and undergraduate students’ rhetorical agency and voices through the examination of rhetorical tools, visual literacy, cultural identities, civic engagement, and social justice redress and participation.   

As a Historian of Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies, Dr. Sias’ archival and qualitative research methods, published scholarship, and editorship include attention to late eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and early twentieth-century rhetorical education, literacy practices, rhetorical/oratorical agency, and social justice activism of people of color, marginalized communities, social movements, and Women’s and Feminism Rhetoric. Dr. Sias highlights the intersections and pervasiveness of hegemonic powers, whiteness, citizenship, and race in America, as well as illuminates cultural and gender omissions in academic and political spaces.

When not teaching in the classroom, Dr. Sias might be found examining artifacts and discourses at the nearest historical societies, collections, archives, and/or libraries. She wishes you HAPPY WRITING!