Steve Adisasmito-Smith

PB 402 –

Steve Adisasmito-SmithSteve Adisasmito-Smith has studied Sanskrit literature, Latin literature, and modern American, British, and Indian literatures.

He has written on the concepts of the self and its rule in Sanskrit texts and their subsequent translation and interpretation by British Orientalists, American Transcendentalists, and Indian Nationalists.

His work was awarded the Horst Frenz Prize in 1998 by the American Comparative Literature Association. In 1999, he engaged in an independent study in Sanskrit epics and aesthetics at the University of Pune, India.

Dr. Adisasmito-Smith taught at Appalachian State University in North Carolina before coming to California State University, Fresno, in 2003 to teach comparative and world literature.

Drawing on the insights of hermeneutics and semiotics, Dr. Steve Adisasmito-Smith uses interdisciplinary approaches that explore the perspectives of various cultures with regard to themes such as concepts of the self, perceptions of nature, and reality and illusion.

He is interested in international relations and intercultural understanding, particularly in interactions between India and the U.S., or "East-West" encounters more generally. Other topics of interest to him include heroic epics, mythology, the translation of religious texts, religious issues in literature, and peace studies.

Steve has spent time in both India and Indonesia and is beginning to study Indonesian literature. He is currently working on issues of translation, aesthetics, and virtual reality.