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The Undergraduate Conference on Multiethnic Literatures of the Americas celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019. Dozens of graduate students have joined English Department faculty to successfully organize the conference, which has featured the scholarly work of 100+ undergraduate students.


2018 committee

Organizing committee: Dr. William Arcé, Shanell Contreras, Bryce Downing, Esmeralda Gamez, Dr. Chris Henson, Dr. Melanie Hernandez, Christina Legler, Dr. Samina Najmi, Guadalupe Remigio Ortega, Tara Williams

Keynote speakers: Reyna Grande and Gary Y. Okihiro

Conference program


Organizing committee: Dr. William Arcé, Mireyda Barraza Martinez, Jazmin Flores, Dr. Chris Henson, Dr. Melanie Hernandez, Dr. Samina Najmi, Guadalupe Remigio Ortega, Tara Williams

Keynote speakers: Wendy Rose and Arturo Arias

Conference program


2016 committee

Organizing committee: Dr. William Arcé, Mireyda Barraza Martinez, Emily Beals, Jazmin Flores, Dr. Chris Henson, Gloria Hernandez, Dr. Melanie Hernandez, Kyle Hoover, Dr. Samina Najmi, Guadalupe Remigio Ortega, Tara Williams

Keynote speakers: Saïd Sayrafiezadeh and Michele Elam

Conference program


Organizing committee: Eryn Baldrica-Guy, Emily Beals, Jeremiah Henry, Dr. Chris Henson, Gloria Hernandez, Kyle Hoover, Prof. Randa Jarrar, Prof. Samina Najmi

Keynote speakers: Manuel Muñoz and Marilyn Chin

Conference program 


2014 committee

Organizing committee: Dr. Chris Henson, Cody Hoover, Dr. Samina Najmi, Shane Wood, Lena Zaghmouri

Keynote speaker: Roxane Gay

Conference program


Organizing committee: Prof. Randa Jarrar, Dr. Samina Najmi, Lena Zaghmouri

Keynote speakers: Samiya Bashir and Patricia Engel

Conference program


Organizing committee: Prof. Alex Espinoza, Gilliann Hensley, Dr. Analola Santana, Lena Zaghmouri

Keynote speakers: Hayan Charara and Jorge Huerta

Conference program


Organizing committee: Erin L. Álvarez, Prof. Alex Espinoza, Miriam Fernandez, Dr. Kathleen Godfrey, Cynthia Guardado, Maryam Jamali Ashtiani, Dr. Samina Najmi, Mario Rosado, Dr. Analola Santana, Dr. Bo Wang

Keynote speaker: Cherríe Moraga

Conference program


Organizing committee: Prof. Alex Espinoza, Maryam Jamali Ashtiani, Dr. Samina Najmi, Mario Rosado, Dr. Analola Santana 

Conference program


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