UPDATE: This year's Study Abroad in London program is filled. We look forward to your application for next year!

Study Abroad in London

"The British Experience:  The Legacy of Empire"

3-Week Winter Session - Dec. 26-Jan. 15

Spend three weeks in the heart of London with Professors Dr. Robert Maldonado, Department of Philosophy, and Nick Potter, Department of Art and Design, for an authentic British experience while earning 4 units of course credit, which will be applied toward your spring semester. 

The London courses will focus on the British Empire, from the Tudor period onward, but will include the historical imperial legacies of the Romans Vikings, and Normans. The lens of postcolonial Empire provides a rich tool with which to understand the world in which we find ourselves. It also provides a mechanism with which to appreciate and understand the range of cultural artifacts and identities, from the so-called high forms, such as museums, cathedrals, royalty to every day multicultural life.

Given the linked artistic and philosophical perspectives, students will have the rare opportunity to integrate the arts and humanities within the study abroad laboratory context of London.

We will meet twice on campus before our trip. In London, the class will meet twice a week for lecture and discussion. Students will keep their written reflections in a portfolio due at the end of the trip,

Upon completing the course in Area IC (integration — Arts and Humanities), a student will be able to:

  1. Recognize and explain, subjectively or objectively the content and interpretation of creative works of culture (artistic, literary, and intellectual).
  2. Explain relationships among the humanities, arts and the self.

This course satisfies Area IC; Financial and Scholarship support is available. Estimated cost and fees (without financial/scholarship support): TBD

For more information contact below or click here

Gail Freeman, London Program Office
College of Arts and Humanities
MB 186